10 Incredible Wildcat Species Native To India

Homegrown Staff

The snow leopard is an endangered large cat inhabiting the high mountains of Central and South Asia. It has an extremely patchy and fragmented distribution throughout its range. Snow leopards are found in 12 central Asian countries, including India, China and Mongolia.

The estimated global population of the species is 4500 to 7500 individuals.

Sturdily built with fairly long legs, the Asiatic Golden Cat is a medium-sized animal with red, brown, black or grey fur. Their dense coat is generally unmarked, but those cats in the more northerly regions often exhibit a variety of spots and stripes. The most conspicuous features of this cat are the white lines bordered with black running across the cheeks, and from the inner corners of the eyes up to the crown.

Out of the four lynx species, Eurasian lynx is the largest on planet Earth. Historically, it had inhabited northern, central and eastern Europe, as well as Central Asia, Siberia, the Tibetan plateau and the Himalayas. Currently however, in the Indian subcontinent, we see it mostly in Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and some parts of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir.

Pallas’s Cat also called manul, is distinguished from other cats by its greyish face, stout build, and long hair with white tips giving it a frosted appearance. Unlike other cats, their pupils don’t contract in vertical slits, rather it becomes small dark circles. It has the densest and longest fur among the other cat which helps to insulate them against cold. They wrap their well-furred tail around the body like a warm muff.