16 Different Types Of Biryanis In India & Where To Find Them

Homegrown Staff

Mughlai biryani still uses the same ingredients, spices and cooking methods as used during the Mughal era. Hence, making Mughlai biryani is an art in today’s time. The meat chunks are tender, succulent and are spiced to perfection. The aroma of these spices is so alluring, that one is tempted to have it. Sometimes, it is garnished with fresh dry fruits, especially the vegetarian biryani.

This crown dish of Hyderabadi Muslims is cooked using a very unique method, called the Kachhi method. In this, the rice and the meat are cooked separately and then infused together. The meat is marinated in yogurt, papaya and lemon juice, giving it a very specific flavour. The fried onions, mint and coriander leaves added, amplify the taste to another level.

A unique Hyderabadi speciality, Doodh ki biryani is known for its light flavours. The delicate flavours are achieved with blending the creamy milk with roasted nuts and aromatic spices. The milk is allowed to seep into the rice and the meat, giving it a sweet taste and a subtle, but a delicious flavour.

Addition of deep fried potatoes with meat had become the signature style of Kolkata biryani. With yogurt as its main ingredient for marination, the rice used, is half cooked separately and later blended in the biryani. Low on spices, the meat is marinated in a mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, cloves and cardamom with the yogurt. Rose water is a special ingredient added to the rice to give it a particular taste, along with saffron, which gives it a light yellow shade.

Belonging to the Athoor region of Tamil Nadu, the waters used from the Kamarajar Lake in the preparation of this biryani, adds a very distinguishing and a special flavour to it. A splash of little curd and lemon juice enhances the taste by giving it a tangy tinge.

In this biryani the meat and the rice are cooked together along with various vegetables. Fried and spiced potatoes added to this biryani give it a spicy and a zesty taste. But the most special elements are the screw pine water and dried plums which make the biryani sweet, tangy and aromatic.