4 Indian Urdu Writers Ahead Of Their Time

Homegrown Staff

His stories portrayed scandalous individuals (considering the time they were published in) like prostitutes and alcoholics and the women in them were presented without making judgements on their ‘character’ or distinguishing them from his representations of men.

He is said to have brought about a revolution in Urdu poetry with his work which is a combination of romantic idealism and sympathy for the exploited classes which delights lovers of the art form from all age groups and fuels the imagination of aspiring poets.

Chutghai wrote in a time when female writers writing about or for women were seen as something that crossed the boundaries of what the public considered moral or respectful. She was undaunted by the consequences of not conforming to such standards and went ahead to be known as on of the first feminist writers of the country .

Her portrayal of female characters with sovereign thoughts and emotions represented their feelings as the second sex in the society and introduced the readers to their psyche.

The Urdu language is only associated with one thing in the country today, and that is — its Muslim population. It is not long before anyone leaning towards it, out of sheer curiosity or interest, gets apprehended as a ‘traitor’ or ‘anti-national’.