7 Regional Indian Films On Our Radar

Homegrown Staff

'Dalan', a Marathi short film, tackles the deeply ingrained issue of casteism with remarkable subtlety. The narrative unfolds around a seemingly ordinary setting: a village flour mill - a place where people from all walks of life come together.

'A Normal Death' takes us on a disquieting journey into the human psyche, exploring the concept of 'otherness' through the lens of a seemingly ordinary social setting – a bar. The film establishes a sense of routine as we meet a group of regulars enjoying a familiar camaraderie. However, the arrival of a stranger disrupts this comfortable equilibrium. As the night unfolds, a sense of unease creeps in.

'Nothing Grows Under the Pine Trees' explores the plight of two sisters caught in the web of arranged marriage. The younger sister, lost in her innocent world, dreams of a happy future with the groom.

'Darbha' delves into the complexities of love and societal expectations.  The film presents a seemingly progressive scenario; a blossoming romance between a fiery Dalit woman and a privileged upper-caste boy. However, this utopian vision shatters when the harsh realities of caste prejudice come crashing down on them.

Often, Kerala is portrayed through idyllic postcards that depict lush backwaters and swaying palm trees. The Unknown Kerala Stories (Malayalam) shatters this stereotypical image, his heartfelt documentary by Sanu Kummul delves into the lives of ordinary people, capturing the essence of Kerala. 

Filmmaker Meghnath embarks on a personal quest, searching for the essence of Ritwik Ghatak's classic film, 'Ajantirk'.  He retraces Ghatak's steps, revisiting the socio-political landscape of Jharkhand that served as the film's backdrop. However, 'In Search of Ajantirk' transcends mere nostalgia. 

'Beyond the Blues' tackles a vital yet often under-represented topic: the journey of a trans man. The film follows Neel, whose transition from assigned female at birth to a non-masculinist trans man is a story that goes far beyond just capturing the process of physical transformation. It's a narrative that defies societal expectations, breaks free from rigid gender roles, and challenges the very definition of masculinity.