A Complete Travel Guide To Odisha

Homegrown Staff

Stay in the majestic Belgadia Palace, a heritage property that offers a unique blend of royal hospitality and modern amenities. This palace, built in the 18th century, allows guests to experience the grandeur of Odisha's royal history.

The Palace, built during the latter part of the 19th century on the site of the fort that witnessed a long drawn siege and war by the Marathas, led by Chemnaji Bhonsle, is the residence of the Raja of Dhenkanal and his Family.

An initiative by MasterChef Smrutisree Singh ‍to serve authentic flavors of Odisha. They'll be serving up all your favorite Odia dishes, made with fresh ingredients and passed-down recipes.

Improving the livelihoods and empowering tribal women farmers in Odisha through the rich tapestry of wild forest coffee. Embrace the enchanting plucking season, where the true essence of Odisha unfolds from farm to cup.

Known for its Pattachitra painters, Raghurajpur is a heritage craft village where visitors can witness traditional art forms being created. The village is also famous for its Gotipua dance troupes.

This superb museum is a must-visit for visitors interested in Odisha's 62 local indigenous communities. Complete with interactive elements such as augmented reality glasses, its galleries display traditional dress, bead ornaments, silver collars, coin necklaces, elaborate headdresses, ornate wind pipes and musical instruments.

The Tibetan village in Odisha, Jirang, also known as Chandragiri, is a small village in the Gajapati district of Odisha, which boasts of a small but significant Tibetan population. The village had maintained a very low profile untill it became home to the largest Buddhist monastery in Eastern India in 2010