A Mindful Travel Guide To Ladakh

Vaaswat Sarkar

Dolkhar is a boutique hotel that integrates a little piece of Ladakh with the rest of the world while keeping central its values of consciousness and sustainability; allowing for responsible travel. 

Tsas, which translates to ‘a kitchen garden’ in the Ladakhi language is a hyper local vegetarian restaurant. The ever-changing food served at Tsas, inspired by Ladakh’s mountains, people and traditions reflects a perfect equilibrium between European haute and traditional Ladakhi cuisine

De Khambir is just not a place to eat local Ladakhi cuisine but also a conscious space and a community where you can find local handcrafted artifacts and products ranging from traditional handloom shawls, books on localization, maps, artisanal jams and soups, woolen toys, local apricots, teas, handmade soaps and many more.

One of the highest riding zones of India at 3500m is in Ladakh. You can spot the magnificent Himalayas on the horizon of Disko Valley Bike Park. Known for its mountaineering, bicycle touring, and bouldering topography, it is a remarkable initiative by unexplored Ladakh. 

Comprising a close-knit team of nomads, local artisans & creators, Lena is committed to putting into practice the dying traditional local skills of hand-making textiles. Lena has been conducting hands-on experience workshops in the Changthang region.