Actor Kalki Koechlin Talks Conservation, Sustainability, & Motherhood

Homegrown Staff

We caught up with Kalki recently for a conversation where we talked about her role as a conservationist, her take on the concept of ‘hope’ as well as how she sees the current trajectory of homegrown film and television.

Conservation is familiar to me because a combination of my parents, who fought alongside wildlife conservationists, and my first boyfriend, whose parents were climate conservationists in the Satpura sanctuary. I got to go there and see the work they were doing firsthand when I was just a teenager so I think for it’s always just been something that’s necessary and beautiful.  

I’m lucky that the brands I support are in tune with my beliefs and what I advocate for but there have been times and situations where I’ve found out that a brand that I was endorsing had been involved in animal cruelty. 

We’re hearing about more sustainable fashion brands, organic food, and about how we can compost, which are all great on an individual level, but until the big brands stop selling poison and the government starts imposing stricter regulations, we’re not going to be able to win this battle.

There’s a natural cycle to our systems of hope and hopelessness. We grow up with a lot of hope when we’re very young and I see that in my daughter, who’s constantly recognizing the flowers and the butterflies and the sunset. She’s really aware of the beauty around her.

I’ve always taken my time and not felt like I have to just have a project for the sake of having one. The reason I’ve been able to take my time is because I busy myself with other things and dive into writing, theatre and other creative avenues. I try to explore and expand my creative horizons as much as I can and make sure that it's not always via the same medium.