Indian Artisanal Deli Meat Brands On Our Radar

Homegrown Staff

Meat JJ is renowned for its premium slow-smoked meats, delivering an explosion of flavours in every bite. With a commitment to using the freshest ingredients, their menu boasts an array of delectable options, including succulent Pulled Pork, tender buff Pastrami, and smoky Bacon. Operating in Pune and Mumbai, Meat JJ ensures a mouthwatering experience with every order.

Artisan Meats, a local brand, is dedicated to producing high-quality cured and preserved meats using traditional methods and locally sourced ingredients. Departing from mechanized processes, the brand emphasizes the adoption of age-old meat preservation techniques from different cultures worldwide.

Founded by Chef Sambaran Mitra, Meatheads' 100% wood-smoked meats are known for their unparalleled smokiness, tenderness, and melt-in-your-mouth texture. Despite the challenges of preserving the laboriously cooked meats for up to 18 hours, the brand has perfected an efficient logistics system, enabling nationwide delivery within 48 hours.

Artisan Deli redefines cold cuts with its exclusive whisky-infused range, introducing nine distinctive flavours and prioritizing both taste and health. Free from gluten, added MSG, and hormones, their varied product line, including Bacon, Ham, Sausages, Frankfurters, and Mortadella, caters to the discerning modern consumer.

The Daily Cut, helmed by Chef Niket Drego, specializes in handcrafted, single-batch Charcuterie, offering new flavours weekly and delivering across Pune. Drawing inspiration from the ancient French art of Charcuterie, the brand caters to a niche market of global food enthusiasts, including celebrities and fine-dining connoisseurs.