Photoseries 'Women In Fashion'

Homegrown Staff

"Just like clothing, jewellery in Rajasthan holds a symbolic representation of caste/community/tribe, economic status, celebration, or even marital status. Some jewellery pieces also have the significance of religion and mystical beliefs." - Naveli Choyal

"The beauty of my culture and everyday life around it inspires my work. I really love spaces with stories, history, color and light. One can easily find such spaces in almost every corner and feel inspired by it. I like to keep my process very flowy and raw and look for spaces/stories that I feel connected with." - Naveli Choyal

"Recently for my research, I learned about pieces that also carry medical value, for example, a magnetic chain bracelet with colorful stones that help to controll blood pressure, which is also identical to a bangle." - Naveli Choyal

"I learned that jewellery having not just an ornamental value but also a deeper meaning culturally." - Naveli Choyal

"Craft, traditions, and the stories around them. I appeciate culture and the everyday practices that sound it." - Naveli Choyal