Photostory 'Imprints'

Homegrown Staff

She didn’t even shed a single drop of tear at the death of her beloved husband. She only recognizes Reba, our house help who was adopted by my grandfather as a child when she was abandoned.

Sometimes, she suddenly starts screaming and eventually breaks down when she encounters flashbacks of her husband passing away. She easily gets triggered by the daily used objects left by my grandfather like his lighter and ashtray so we have to keep them away.

My creative process begins with expressing myself in a very raw and unfiltered way, capturing what I see and the different perspectives I hold. Often, it’s a means of grappling with my mental issues, and through this process, my photographs are born. It’s a conversation between me and my dreams.

I learned a few valuable lessons while working on this project. One of the most important is that time takes a toll on everyone, regardless of who or what you are today. It's crucial to prioritize family over everything else because life can be brutal and take them away from us before we even realize how much we love and need them. 

Sometimes she has flashbacks of her husband's death and it completely rips her apart. We want her memory recovered at the same time we can’t bear to see her suffer from the recovered memory