The Fearless Indian Women Who Led The Way

Homegrown Staff

Hailing from Satna, a small town near Rewaa, Madhya Pradesh, Chaturvedi was born on October 3rd 1993. Her father works as an engineer with the Madhya Pradesh government and her mother is a homemaker. Completing her schooling near her hometown, she already had a BTech degree when she joined the Hyderabad Air Force Academy. 

These women have fought against the society’s prejudice and created a space for themselves in an industry that has historically been male-dominated — a reality most women have to experience at some point in their lives.

The very first of the lot, Munira Abdul Sattar Madni, who took to two wheels and a cylindrical enclosure for the first time in 1971, at the tender age of seven. We caught up with the stuntwoman of sorts to chronicle the story of her life and got far more than we bargained for.

As India’s first female photojournalist broke down social barriers from 1938 to 1973, the duration of her career, she captured India’s journey of political awakening through her unbiased lens. From the British Raj’s descent to the rise of Indian democracy and all the challenges that plagued it through the disillusionment of post-partition, Homai recorded this country’s most iconic moments throughout history.

Swimming through the tide of ridicule and humiliation, Panthaki’s dedication has paid off over four decades later, as her name has become synonymous with progressive thinking when it comes to all matters related to sex.