Tripti Kharbhangar On Her Khasi Identity, Going Solo & More

Homegrown Staff

Her journey is a soaring melody of cultural pride, artistic transformation, and a relentless fight for inclusivity in India's music scene.

Lovingly referred to as ‘Tips’ by the internet, Tipriti Kharbangar, the powerhouse vocalist behind Shillong's blues-infused juggernaut, Soulmate, shreds labels along with her guitar strings.

Growing up in Shillong during the 80s and 90s exposed Tipriti to a contrasting reality. The peacefulness of the hills coexisted with the turbulence of political unrest.

"We had a very simple yet peaceful connection with nature," she reminisces, "but we were also going through hardships of various agitations."

Tipriti Kharbangar is now on a new chapter in her musical journey – her solo career. This transition marks a shift in her creative process, one that is both liberating and challenging.

Tipriti's music is intensely personal, often blending together themes of empowerment, cultural pride, and social justice.