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No, Seriously. We Interviewed The Vengaboys.

[Ok dear readers, it's time to make all your childhood dreams come true and get on the goddam Vengabus. You can thank Phoenix Marketcity for the most epic '90s throwback ever with a Vengaboys concert in your city. Event Details can be found here.]

About a month ago, the 10-year-olds inside us had a tiny seizure and died of over-excitement. The cause for this sudden explosion of good cheer was obviously news of the greatest ‘90s band that ever lived's (sorry Aqua) upcoming India tour. At a time when great pop stardom almost always equals greater rehab stints and eventually, the greatest oblivion, it’s safe to say Vengaboys earned this title having somehow avoided all three of those things. They're still together and functional two decades since they lost their virginity at beach raves no doubt, and they’re still selling out shows and records all over the world. 25 million and counting to be exact.
So…fun facts. Apparently, one of the members, Robin Pors, left to pursue a solo career somewhere around 2003 so they replaced him with a dolphin trainer (Yorrick Bakker). Not that you'd be able to tell the difference, anybody in a Vengaboys costume can be a Vengaboy. Oh, they switched out again in 2006 so the Dolphin trainer’s out and Pors is back in. They also wrote another song about Ibiza in 2013 but it doesn't really matter because there are only three songs you need to know all the words to if you want to see a Vengaboys concert.
Once we’d gotten this extremely necessary research out of the way though, obviously we had a million questions. Like what do they actually do in Ibiza, and how many babies do they estimate were conceived while listening to Boom, Boom? But perhaps most of all, how awesome do you have to be to name your song Rocket To Uranus? More fun facts—one of the members actually went on record to say they had no idea that this title would or could have other interpretations when they wrote it.
We didn’t get answers to all of the above but we got more than enough to keep you seriously entertained. And more than a few things came to light—the party really never stops with these guys, they still have fans who would stick their faces onto blowup dolls and however snarky we've been through this introduction, we would literally hurt babies to see them live. Since they'll be here this weekend, we're glad we don't have to get violent about it.

Now put this on and scroll your way back to the '90s...

1. Where have you guys been the last 15 years? Tell us everything. Or at least, the best bits.
The partying never stops!! We've been touring a lot. Mainly in Europe. But we had 2 awesome tours in Australia in 2012 and 2013 and a tour in South Africa last year. Now it’s time for India and see if you guys still know how to party.
2. Sick of Ibiza yet?
LOL! No, not at all. As a matter of fact we love the party island even more and more.
3. Now that drinking and driving is illegal, unanimously agree on one person you’d like to drive the vengabus?
Euhm......... We would want Beyoncé to drive the Bus. And she could bring all her dancers and we would have an awesome party in the bus.
4. ...Ok, we walked into that. Fans must constantly be telling you about their childhood memories with you, tell us about 1 or 2 of the best ones you’ve heard in recent years?
LOL. One time there was a guy who told us he used to sleep with two plastic blowup dolls in his bed. He had cut out the faces of Kim and Denice from a poster and stuck it on the dolls. LOL.
5. Ok. Other than Boom boom, We Like To Party and Ibiza, name 3 other tracks from your more recent albums that you’ll love.
We love "Rocket to Uranus" we had so much fun being on the set and we got to fly a spaceship. "Hot Hot Hot" is also one of our favourites. We shot the video on Curaçao in just 3 days. And last year we made our Xmas Single "Where did my Xmastree go" again so much fun during the whole creative process.
6. If you had to choose a favourite between Boom Boom, We Like To Party and Ibiza, which would it be?
We would say "WLTP" 'cause everywhere we go, people love that song and it gives us so much energy.
7. Has your music changed over the years? If yes, how so?
In general, the music did not change that much. The lyrics still have a naughty side to them but sometimes we try to find a new "sound" just to keep things fun.

8. What’s the most drastic thing that’s changed in gigs/ parties since you’ll started out and today?
Nothing changed that much. A Party is still a party. But we have noticed that the crowd is getting younger and that they are loving our music. Which is great to see.
9. Did you know you had such a huge fan following in India back in the ‘90s? 
Back in the days, we did an India Tour. It was just crazy! So many loving fans and at that time we broke Indian Record sales. It’s great to come back after all these years.
10. Who conceptualizes your image, right from the clothes to the shoots and more? [Like seriously, the 4 of you’ll riding on a bullet through the air is kind of amazing.]
Thank you! We have a great support team. Together with them we decide on almost everything. Usualy we drink a lot and then the most crazy/ fun ideas are created.11. The best thing about late ‘90s party music in your opinion?
The lyrics are easy to remember and it’s all so uplifting. If you have a bad day, just listen to some 90's music and you'll feel better right away.
12. [Couldn’t agree more.] Ok, 3 current artists you’ll really like and would like to collaborate with?
Beyonce. Bruno Mars. Madonna.
13. You’re probably one of the longest lasting groups around, what’s your secret to staying together?
That’s a good question. We just adopted each other as brothers and sisters. Although off stage we have different lives and interests, we always cherish the gem we hold in our hands. And we feel blessed that we have found a balance between our private lives and our lives on stage.
14. You’re known to have the global support of the LGBT community, how do you feel about the fact that India’s one of the few countries that has actually criminalised homosexuality?
We feel angry, upset and sad! Whether you are gay, straight, bi, transgender or whatever. You have the human right to be who you are. It is not a choice, it's who we are. Homosexuality is a thing of nature and common throughout the entire animal kingdom. That's a fact!! There is nothing to explain because it is impossible to answer the question "Why". The world just needs to accept. Accept that we are part of this world. And therefore we will never give up the fight.
15. If you could teleport back to 1999, is there anything you would definitely NOT wear?
LOL. Euhm...... no underwear?? LOL
16. What are you looking forward to most with your India tour?
Mainly we just want to see if you guys still know how to party. And along the way we indulge our selfs in the beauty that India has to offer.
17. Would you do an interview with Arnav Goswami?
*no answer*

Yeah, we probably wouldn’t answer that one either...

Words: Mandovi Menon 

[Ok dear readers, it's time to make all your childhood dreams come true and get on the goddam Vengabus. You can thank Phoenix Marketcity for the most epic '90s throwback ever with a Vengaboys concert in your city. Event Details Here & book your tickets on BookMyShow]

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