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How To Be The ‘Perfect Indian Woman’ In 5 Easy Posters

A satirical take on what a woman should do to become the epitome of a Perfect Indian Woman.

Whether it’s College Humor’s Upsides Of Being On Your Period or Srishti students’ Bad Girls, using an art meets humour combination to subvert the unrealistic stereotypes and gendered expectations of society seems to be a formula that’s actually working. And when you throw the absolutely extreme nature of India’s relationship with its women, a country whose prime minister was trending with the hashtag #DespiteBeingAWoman it’s unfortunate but there aren’t many choices left for those who don’t subscribe to traditional gender roles but to laugh. On this note, allow us to introduce you to Kanika Kaul  and her new series of badass feminist posters. The latest in a long line of using-design-to-shake-up-the-status-quo artists, she’s teaching us all how we can be ‘Perfect Indian Women’ in 5 easy steps.

While the not so subliminal messaging is definitely what sticks longest, it’s impossible to bypass the striking visual detail and design, any of which we’d be more than happy to get up on our walls just for art’s sake. Another huge plus would have to be her self-invented connotation of the SS or Sanskar Score for Indian women. [Read: “The amount of clothes on your body is directly proportional to your Sanskar Score. Higher your SS, the closer you are to becoming the Perfect Indian Woman.”] Yep, definitely stealing that one for future use but until we find a good place for it, we hope Kaul keeps this series going. Shouldn’t be too difficult seeing as to how the inspiration just keeps on coming.

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