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Grab The Tinfoil - Here’s Some Really Eerie Proof Of Aliens In India

We might be alone as a species as far as the experience of boredom is concerned, especially when it comes to our efforts to alleviate them. We hope for miracles, create superstitions, find solace in epic fantasy legends and great fictional tales to excite us beyond the humdrum of regular life. Everyone loves a good theory to make us question everything we think we know, and we’re guilty of bringing you more of these than most. Whether it’s an examination of mysterious cults or attempting to unearth conspiracy theories of massive proportions, today we bring you something a little more out of the world than usual—the subcontinent’s relationship with extra-terrestrial life.  
The ongoing debate surrounding the existence of alien life is exhaustive across the world, with several theories ranging from the alignment of the Giza pyramids (10450 BC) in Egypt to the Stonehenge observatory (2700 BC) in England. The Indian acknowledgement of extra-terrestrial objects however, can be traced back to the Mahabharata with mentions of Vimanas - flying chariots that suspiciously resemble descriptions of spacecrafts. Asura’s three hovering space cities is another Mahabharata mystery that makes us raise our eyebrows questioningly. 

But, let’s face it - we’re all rational people. Fictional epics and scientific theories can only take us so far. At the end of the day, we still need concrete proof before we buy into anything. So keeping that in mind, we’ll leave you to make up your own minds as we take you around India digging up real-life experiences that could give sceptics something to consider.

I. Himalayan Pass or UFO landing strip?

Sitting in Ladakh near the disputed Indo-China border is a low ridge pass in the Himalayas called Kongka La. The conflict of control between India and China over this region is only one of the many reasons to talk about it though. Locals on the Indian as well as the Chinese side claim that UFOs coming out of the ground here is a common sight, even an everyday occurrence. Allegedly, both governments have full knowledge that deep inside this pass of the Himalayas, lies an underground UFO base.

Image Source: IB Times
Image Source: IB Times

The locals of Ladakh aren’t the only ones convinced of something spooky in the area either. In 2004, 100km south of the region in Lahaul-Spiti, a group of geologists and glaciologists linked to the nation’s Space Applications Centre were exploring the mountainous region. They claim to have spotted a four-foot tall “robot-like” humanoid figure stalking the valley edge 50 metres from them for about 40 minutes, before jetting off and disappearing from sight. With locals, soldiers and even scientists logging sightings of ‘Unidentified Luminous Objects’, we can’t help but be intrigued. Our intrigue leads us to beg the question - Himalayan pass or UFO landing strip?

II. Cave doodles or 10,000 year old alien sightings?

In the tribal region of Bastar’s Kanker district, deep in the Charama region, lies a fascinating sight. We invite sceptics to consider a 10,000-year-old representation of alien life found by Chhattisgarh’s State Department Of Archaeology and Culture. Painted into the rock face of Chhattisgarh’s caves in natural colours are well-preserved depictions of aliens similar to the imagination of Bollywood and Hollywood films. These paintings portray large, extra-terrestrial humanoid beings (shown with their noses and mouths missing) descending from the sky in round objects.

Image Source: Homegrown Archives
Image Source: Homegrown Archives

Whether these paintings are proof of cave men sighting aliens 10,000 years ago, or their vivid imaginations that strangely resemble 21st century science fiction, we’ll never know. We can chalk this up to a colossal coincidence, and choose to believe that these paintings were nothing but fictional doodles emerging from the artistic, creative minds of our more primitive ancestors. But, wouldn’t it be cool if there was another explanation?

III. Bihar’s mine or extra-terrestrial parking spot?

Six decades ago, India allegedly had yet another encounter with unnatural elements that rationality could not explain. On the 15th of September, 1954 a flying object was seen over the sky of a mine in Bihar’s Manbhum district by over 800 people of three villages (Kadori, Borsa and Mangalda).

Image Source: Dhanbad Jharkhand Website
Image Source: Dhanbad Jharkhand Website

The witnesses of this bizarre spectacle claim that the object was a grey coloured disc that whirred like a motor engine. This flying disc was said to have hovered for a few minutes, before releasing billows of smoke and soaring away at an incredible speed. Ijapada Chatterjee, manager of this mica mine that was supplying beryllium for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, and claimed to have seen this flying saucer descend to an altitude of 500 feet before it swiftly soared away. 800 witnesses from three different villages could all be delusional, or maybe we need to open our minds to the possibility that the universe is a lot bigger than we can fathom.

IV. Delhi Flying Club’s creation or alien flying club sighting?

On the 15th of March, 1951, the Chief Aerial Officer of the Delhi Flying Club, George F. Floate, along with 25 other member of the flying club witnessed a peculiar sight in the sky. They claimed to have seen a long, metallic cigar-shaped body, with no outer visible control surfaces, hovering in the air.

Image Source: Mumbai Gloss
Image Source: Mumbai Gloss

The object came over Safdarjang Airdrome, New Delhi, from the north at about four to five thousand feet high, made one pass over the field to the south, then came back over the field in a very large loop. Then, this allegedly 100-foot long object vanished very suddenly. The metallic body was said to have been observed for seven whole minutes by a team from the Indian capital’s flying club. When the witnesses’ lives revolve around flying objects in the sky, their credibility seems to make us start to believe.

V. Pilot’s over-active imagination or UFO confirmation?

A Jet Airways pilot, in October 2014, had a unique life experience whilst flying an Ahmedabad-bound commercial plane. Hovering over 26,300 feet in the sky near Pune, she alleges to have seen a UFO. She described this flying metallic object to be green and white in colour, which seems to fit very well into Hollywood alien fantasies.

Image Source: Jet Airways Virtual
Image Source: Jet Airways Virtual

This pilot seemed to be pretty sure of what she saw, because she proceeded to alert the watch supervisory officer at Mumbai Air Traffic Control about the UFO  she had just witnessed 68 nautical miles from Pune. When a well-trained commercial pilot can assure Air Traffic Control that she positively observed a UFO, her confidence is a lot more infectious than skepticism.

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