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Chennai Flood Relief Efforts Are The Need Of The Hour. Here's How You Can Help.

Chief Minister Jayalalithaa conducted an aerial survey of Chennai and its suburbs on Thursday to personally witness the disastrous consequences of the Monsoon Fury that continues to cripple Chennai and other areas, with unmanageable water-logging, food and water deficits, shelter requirements, stranded citizens, and more problems that need to be addressed immediately. Non-stop torrential rain Monday night onward this week has triggered a complete deluge across Chennai and Puducherry, leading to the requirement of urgent relief efforts.
With airports, schools and colleges shut, and trains crippled as well, the Army and Air Force authorities have been deployed to aid stranded citizens and other flood victims, while several private companies such as Ola, Zomato and Twitter have stepped in to help relief measures. If social media-circulating pictures of cars buried in water until only the roof is visible haven't convinced you of the severity of these floods, know that even The Hindu, whose headquarters lie in Chennai, had to cancel their print edition on Wednesday for the first time in 137 years since its inception owing to the floods. The Indian Meteorological Department stated that this monsoon is 50 percent above Tamil Nadu's normal, and that the rains are likely to continue for about a week. More importantly, they said that the situation is absolutely critical for the next 48 hours, especially in Chennai, Kanchipuram and Thiruvalluvar.
The government is now doing their part, such as Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad's announcement regarding no disconnection BSNL lines, among other measures, and corporate companies are contributing as well, such as Ola's free boat service. Further, NGOs and other relief organisations have systems in place to help too, and that's where you can get involved in the relief operations immediately.
I. General help in Chennai: VOLUNTEER
Register here by filling in your name and listing how you can help, or what skills you provide. Add the area in Chennai that you are familiar with, and help in any way you can.
II. American International School Chennai campus: DONATE
This student run campaign aims to support victims of the Chennai flood, and has set up a donation system that collects food, water, blankets, mats, clothes, and other goods.
Apart from constantly updating any and all information regarding relief operations, emergency contact numbers, food, and more on their online pages, CRR is also taking donations as well as volunteers to help victims of the Chennai flood.
IV. Crowd-sourced road map: INFORMATION
To help all those stranded in Chennai's flood to navigate through water-logged roads, this crowd-sourced map aims to mark out inundated streets and paths. Zoom into the map and click on any street to mark it as flooded to help chart a viable course through the city.

V. Bhumi Chennai Flood Relief: VOLUNTEER
To support flood relief in any capacity, sign up here to volunteer your help. Additionally, you can receive important Chennai Flood Relief related communications by registering with the Volunteer Messaging system [send an SMS saying 'BHUMISMS' to 92200-92200 to regsiter].
VI. World Vision India: DONATE
To contribute bed sheets, towels, clothes, mats, wash kits, and other miscellaneous items to victims of the Chennai floods, especially children, enter your contribution with World Vision India's donation system.
VII. Rapid Response Organisation: DONATE
Rapid Response requires contributions and donations to provide flood victims with relief packages, educational support, livelihood support, health support and shelter.
VIII. Women Of Worth: DONATE
Women Of Worth's rehabilitation relief system is looking for donations to provide medical kits, blankets, mosquito nets, mats and so forth.
Ketto's fund for disaster management and relief in Chennai as well as other parts of Tamil Nadu required donors to contribute monetarily on their website.
X. Recharge someone's phone for free withPAYTM or Airtel: CONTRIBUTE
PAYTM has announced that if anyone needs to recharge someone else's mobile number so that they can remain connected during this time, you can call 18001030033 and share the mobile number, and PAYTM will recharge it with Rs.30 worth of talk-time, free of cost. Alongside, Airtel is offering similar services.  
XI. Buy a meal at Zomato: CONTRIBUTE
For every meal that someone buys as part of Zomato's Chennai Flood Relief Meal Plan for a victim, Zomato will buy one more and supply it to those in need, starting at Rs. 100 for a meal for two.
XII. Verified boat services
The following helplines are verified and available for boat services to help stranded victims across Chennai [these are not government agencies].
Ola Boats: 7708068600
Ola Cabs: 04428294121
NTL Boat helpline: 7708068600
XIII. Area-specific boat services
These helplines are specific to only one area each, and function in that space to help transport stranded victims.
[We have not been able to verify these numbers, if anybody has used them and can confirm they work to help stranded victims, please tell us in the comment section below.]
Royapuram: 9445190005
TVK Nagar: 9445190006
Ambattur: 9445190007
Anna Nagar: 9445190008
XIV. Helpline numbers provided by the Tamil Nadu government
Chennai city: 1070
Districts: 1077
Chennai Corporation: 1913 and 044-4567 4567
XV. A list of places with available accommodation or help for those stranded [these are not government-approved agencies].

Using #ChennaiRainsHelp, Twitter is providing relief for the flood victims, as well as compiling and sharing information to help people stay in the loop and updated with the situation.
XVII. Chennai Corporation has announced emergency contact numbers for all regional zones in the city

 Compiled by: Sanyukta Shetty & Rhea Almeida


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