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Get To Know: Janine Shroff

“Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business”

- Tom Robbins

Janine Shroff is an illustrator & designer. Currently based out of London where she works for Katana London commonly running themes in some of her personal illustration work are relationships, pregnancy & birth. Her tastes (self-professed) tend to lean towards the surreal & sometimes, even the macabre. She particularly enjoys using humour in her work so as to balance out the darkness.

Scroll on to see some of Shroff’s personally picked work including illustrations, paper cut works and digital, some related by theme, coupled with snippets of explanation where she sees fit.

I A. The Breeders
Inspired by population and birth.


I B. The 3 Goddesses: Set of 3 Fertility Goddesses
Inspired by the obsession with fertility.

Janine Shroff
Janine Shroff
Janine Shroff

II. High Tea
Something happens when you have a good time at a certain event, at a particular place. It’s usually something that isn’t formulaic like a wedding or a birthday party, some sort of spontaneous coinciding of all the forces.

After that one event, there is this great desire to re-create it, to pin down those spontaneous forces and make then reproduce themselves at your command. To create almost a tradition out of it.

Sometimes you nearly get there. It’s almost the same, but most of the time the harder you try to re-create the event, the further away it gets from the original. I suffered such a fate with a ‘lawn picnic’ I began to organize every christmas when I returned home. That’s sort of what the drawing was based on. Trying to get back a perfect moment in a spontaneous event.

Janine Shroff

III. Rape Rick 
About anxiety, travel and of course, rape.

Janine Shroff

IV A. Musical Mughal
Inspired by old Mughal paintings.

Janine Shroff

IV B. Cut paper bugs
Inspired by cut paper art, biology & nature.


Both of the following were inspired by funny Indian sayings.
V A. Enthu Cutlet
An ‘Enthu Cutlet’ is defined by Samosapedia as
“ earnest eager beaver who is able to muster up inordinate amounts of energy, inspiration and enthusiasm towards a variety of things.”
And I’m such an enthu that I even opened a second shop.


V B. Kebab Mein Haddi


To know more about Shroff and her work, visit her website or follow her on facebook.
Image Credit: Janine Shroff

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