Check Out Enerjuvate - Bangalore’s Newest Boutique Health And Wellness Spot - Homegrown

Check Out Enerjuvate - Bangalore’s Newest Boutique Health And Wellness Spot

Tucked away in the heart of Bengaluru’s biggest suburb - Jayanagar, is a space that is far detached from the norms of your stereotypical neighbourhood cafe. Signalling the entry of health and wellness bistro’s in India’s Start-up capital, Enerjuvate houses a restaurant, a yoga studio and a boutique store that is inspired by all things revolving around health and wellness. The brainchild of Sunayana Hiran and Darshana Nahata, the cafe was inspired by a need to push the message of “A Wholesome Healthy Lifestyle” through to the city’s urban-youth and working professionals, who are almost always running on a hamster wheel of the mundane.

“The inspiration to start a space of this kind came from my husband, who in fact was overweight. Through yoga, my husband lost about 35 kilos and then it struck me. Why not have a space that promotes healthy living and nutrition at the same time! “ explains Sunayana when asked about how it all came to be. On any given day, Enerjuvate offers various styles of contemporary and dynamic yoga practices that include Power yoga and Aerial yoga from teachers who are hand-picked based on their experience and degree of proficiency. In fact, Enerjuvate is only one of five centers in India that can boast of the Aerial yoga art form that would turn anyone into an overnight gymnast! That’s not all, Enerjuvate also offers Zumba classes as well as teaches Kalaripayattu - an ancient form of martial arts from Kerala.

Aerial Yoga at Enerjuvate
Aerial Yoga at Enerjuvate

“Customers here book group sessions in advance to experience the feeling of being one with the body and connecting with it, while at the same time also eat to their heart’s content” says Sunayana. On a regular day, patrons can indulge in fun workout session and then hang out at the cafe where customers are treated to a quirky menu that is a fusion between holistic, healthy vegetarian food and international cuisine. Attention to detail is everything from the presentation of the food and the fare on offer as the menu is curated with great attention to detail. “We want to overload all our customers senses and by that the visual appeal, the aroma, the taste as well as the benefits of healthy eating. My partner Dashana is an artist by profession so ‘art on a plate’ is the idea - so to speak.” When asked if customers are generally open to an experience of a workout session before they indulge in food, Sunayana laughs and honestly says, “Well not all of them are open to it. Some of them need to be coaxed and pushed just a bit.”

If that’s not all, the bistro also houses an exclusive boutique store that is focused on traditional products from across the country. The store boasts of rare hand-crafted curios, hand-woven clothes and other accessories that are sourced from various NGOs around India. “The whole idea is to open the minds of people to different experiences and promote a lifestyle different that what people are used to.” Having started only 20 days ago the cafe has already attracted praise from all corners, and has great ambitions for the future as they plan to expand incrementally with multiple centres across Bengaluru, and also look at opening their doors to those who want a relaxed working atmosphere.

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