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This Delhi LGBTQ-Friendly Cafe Stands For Good Coffee & Equal Rights

India’s LGBTQ visibility is at an all time high, with Pride Parades and support groups in every city some would like to believe that there is no longer a reason to hide. While it is true in certain circles, members of the community know better than to think they are welcome everywhere they go and this can pose a bigger challenge than you can imagine. After all, who wants to go on a date to a place where the staff are judging you for holding hands? But a heroic duo has appeared on the Delhi scene to save the day and their names are Sambhav and Chef Jerome, co-founders of the Chez Jerome - Q Cafe.

This quaint rooftop cafe has made it’s home in Lado Sarai where they have a spectacular view of the Qutub Minar in all its glory. They have no qualms about advertising their beliefs and huge rainbow Pride flag adorns its entrance. Their mission is to provide a safe space where the queer community and their allies can come and enjoy a meal without having to curb their identity.

The menu itself is refreshingly short but as long as you like pizzas and salad, you should be fine. They also have a great selection of mojitos and smoothies, perfect for a hot Delhi afternoon. But the food itself is not the highlight of Jerome’s it’s the atmosphere, from the moment you walk in you can overhear lively conversations around gender politics, LGBTQ rights and sometimes even snippets of coming out stories. It’s a place where the queer community never has to hide, where they can truly be free. This is a huge move in our sexually repressed country and this sort of basic representation means so much to the people it’s embracing.

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