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These Gorgeous Journals By Chambers Of Ink Will Inspire The Writer In You

Eco-friendly journals are a common find in India, but how often do you come across crafted journals; each with a story of their own? Previously, India’s answer to that would be, “Rarely.” At the most, you’d have a customized journal—but at what cost? Sukriti Jiwarajka was left stumped by the same question, after her trip to America. “In India, everyone happily uses INR 50 notebooks to jot down anything and everything. When I came across this brand called ‘Paperblanks’ abroad, it changed everything.”

In fact, till date, Paperblanks’ journal, Spirit of Womankind, is her favourite imported journal (but her favourite in-house journal is the Leather Traveler’s Journal). It was the first Sukriti ever bought, which inspired her to start her own venture in India. “Every journal has a story, a painting, or a bit of history to it. It’s more than JUST another notepad you scribble in. I collaborated with Paperblanks first, following which, I started Chambers of Ink in September 2016.”

The brand offers journals, notebooks, envelopes, and other stationery (including Montblanc’s limited edition collection of pens!), and are looking at expanding into ‘targeted journals.’ Their very first venture is the Wedding Journal, which aims to be the perfect planner for a bride, ultimately becoming a treasured keepsake. “When I was getting married, I used a plain notebook to keep track of all my appointments! Last year, my friends who were getting married, kept asking each other all these questions about who went where, and got what, which is when the idea struck me.”

The journal is broken up into sections like boutique lists, appointments, dress options, inspiration and ideas. Next on the agenda, is a book dedicated to jotting down family recipes!

Sukriti’s effort towards inspiring people to pen down their thoughts rather than type it out, is commendable—especially when the journals look this fancy. If you’d like to buy a journal, you can visit their website.

You can also follow Chambers Of Ink on Facebook and Instagram, for updates on their latest collections.

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