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Watch A Meteor Shower In All Its Glory Just 2 Hours From Mumbai

Since the space race began in the late 1950’s, humankind has progressed rapidly in the field of astronomy and space exploration. Though today we may be able to determine the compostion and causes of natural phenomena that baffled our ancestors for centuries, it doesn’t make them any less awe-inspiring. Though small meteorites are constantly entering the Earth’s atmosphere we rarely get the chance to see them, that’s what makes the upcoming Geminid Meteor shower such a unmissable experience.

The alternative travel company Awestritch have teamed up with Space Geeks Mumbai to host a viewing of this unique event. They’ll be setting up camp near Panvel on the 16th of December and staying overnight for a truly immersive event. At the Astrophile Observation learn more about the Geminid Shower and other night sky objects through experimental demonstrations and interactions with the group.

The Geminid Meteor shower is the only major meteor shower that doesn’t originate from a comet. Its parent body is the meteor 3200 Phaethon, named after the son of the sun god Helios as its unusual orbit brings it closer to the Sun than any other named meteor. The meteors from this shower are slow moving so you’ll have a good while to observe the beautiful phenomenon.

Included in the fee for the event are observation equipment and study materials to help you better understand the complexities of the universe. For every space nerd and astronomy buff that has every dreamed of one day walking among the stars, well this is a rare opportunity to watch them come to you.

Event details:

Date: 16th December - 17th December

Meeting Point: Panvel Railway Station

Cost: Rs. 1,499 per person

Click here to book your spot now.

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