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Spin – The Indian Furniture Brand That Heroes Minimalism

Though the 21st century is an age of excess, when it comes to furniture the standard credo is - less is more. The worldwide trend played off the Scandinavian design world and the Japanese aesthetic and made minimalism the need of the hour. Even in India, usually a hub of opulence and colour, we saw a rise in the use of simple lines and muted colours to express contemporary culture. One of the design houses that has adopted that ethos and elevated it to something even more enchanting is SPIN.

A subdivision of the Shark Design Studio in Delhi, this young, fresh furniture brand is capturing Nordic sensibilities with an Indian identity. Their designs are catering to the modern generation that wants to de-clutter without compromising on luxury. The idea behind spin was born when Shark team went on a furniture hunt and came up dry. ‘There was an inherent need for a minimalist brand at an affordable price, and because of our background in design, we decided to fill that space.’ says co-founder Avneish Jain. ‘We wanted to be minimalist but still vibrant as opposed to India’s usual bulky, classic designs’

What they created was an ecosystem of products that’s in a constant state of evolution. From furniture to stationery, they’re exploring multiple avenues and are even working on the possibility of creating an intelligent house design. ‘We want to be a brand that can encompass everything’ says Avneish.

Though they have had a proclivity towards designs of wood and complementary metals, their range reaches far beyond. Until now they were designing and manufacturing all the good in-house but now as they explore most possibilities in materials like plastics and fabric, they’re taking on artisans from other fields who understand the mediums better. As they describe it ‘Ours is a constant learning process’.

With the introduction of larger players like Ikea, who operate within in the same parameters, Spin intends to expand their market away from just the urban consumer and include more rural audiences with their high-quality and affordable price bracket. Their dynamic designs have captured the imagination of many Indian buyers already and they’re well on their way to becoming a trusted player on the interior design circuit.

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