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Learn How To Survive Off-The-Grid At A Unique Workshop Near Mumbai

Contrary to most opinions, travelling is only glamorous in retrospect. It’s extremely rewarding and empowering, but that is because of all the of the hurdles a traveller faces to get back home that make their great stories of adventure. Things are not always rosy on the road, as much as Instagram accounts and retrospective rehashings of people’s trips would have you believe otherwise. When you’re out of your comfort zone in a low connectivity area with no one else to have your back, let alone share your grief, you truly learn to fend for yourself and survive, until of course, help comes along, more often than not in the form of a kind local’s support. But here’s an exciting new event that will enable one to be self relaint in times of such misadventures and difficulties. Grassroutes, a community based rural tourism, experiential travel company is organizing an exciting new workshop that gives a lesson in off-the-grid survival and rural living.

Being held on the 17th and the 18th March, 2018 in a beautiful village called Purushwadi surrounded by the lush Sahayadris, the workshop will impart the skills of the hunter-gatherer tribe of Mahadeo Kolis of Purushwadi who have handed them down through generations. In this two day workshop you will learn everything, from making a fire to creating a basic shelter for yourself. Some of the highlights for this workshop would be identifying plants and flowers for food and medicinal purposes, learning fishing techniques, learning to make a catapult,rafts, setting traps, learning to identify clean water sources and filtering it using traditional methods, making ropes using grass and much more.

The two-day- workshop would also conduct treks and hikes in and around Purushwadi where you can be one with the nature. And don’t worry the usual cozy nights under the stars, stay in tents and home-cooked food, all that is part of the deal. A unique and an enriching rural travel experience awaits just 4 hours away from Mumbai.

The cost of the workshop is INR 3000 per person. For children upto 10 years, it is INR 2000 per person. The cost is inclusive of accommodation, Canvas or camping tents (2-3 people sharing), meals - vegetarian (Lunch day 1 to Lunch day 2) , purified drinking water and GST @ 5%.

To check out their itinerary click here. Visit their website here.

To read the information brochure click here.

To make a booking, email [email protected] or contact 8879477437.

We encourage our readers to practice responsible tourism to make sure that the communities are respected and the place retains its natural charm and authenticity.

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