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Delhi’s First Cold-Brew Coffee Brand Is Now Shipping Across India

The memes called it– I’m an absolute wreck without my cup of coffee in the morning but I never seem to be able to finish it. I always let it sit for far too long before I take a sip of the icy stuff wishing I had time for the more elaborate cold coffee. Courtesy my general scattiness and distaste for hot beverages, every day started with a hankering for a cup of the good stuff, even as I mixed in a spoon of instant coffee in my far-too-hot water wishing I’d woken up half an hour earlier. Till I discovered the magic of cold brew coffee. Iced coffee is far too elaborate a preparation for my rushed mornings–cold brew is the no-fuss alternative you never knew you needed. Ground coffee is steeped in icy water and then strained into a cup. The result? A drink that is smoother, less bitter, not as acidic and packed with flavour and aroma. Throw in some milk and sugar, and voila! You’re good-to-go.

Sleepy Owl Cold Brew is a Delhi-based start-up that’s bringing the magic of this more refined beverage to Indian coffee drinkers. Started by “three friends who all love good coffee, but could never find a great cup” when they needed it, Sleepy Owl’s brand of cold brew will wake you right up. Single origin Arabica beans grown in Chikmagalur are roasted in extremely small batches, brewed on order and then packed in a brew box so you can enjoy it anywhere you are. I sampled the brew boxes in Delhi and the nifty, signature Sleepy Owl box is fitted with a tap and holds enough coffee for 10 servings. The only catch was that these brew boxes were only available in the national capital.

But, now that they deliver across the country, you can have a cold brew at home – each pack contains five filter bags that you can toss into a glass of cold water, refrigerate overnight and chug it the next morning.

And, because their customers loved these signature Brew Packs so much, Sleepy Owl pulled out all the stops to introduce a new flavour–– Cinnamon Burst. Paired especially well with milk, that gives it an irresistible velvety texture, this flavour is a great addition to the signature strong blend we’ve all come to adore. The Sleepy Owl Dark Roast is a bittersweet, heavy-bodied, low acidity coffee that caters to consumers who prefer deeper, darker flavors such as chocolatey, nutty and caramel. On the other hand, The Sleepy Owl Light Roast, which is more mellow, will be preferably to consumers who prefer light, fragrant, floral or fruity coffee notes.

Check out the new brew packs here.

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