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These Handcrafted Bamboo Speakers Are The Eco-Friendly Alternative We Needed

Is your speaker a lump of plastic, that sits at your desk and will eventually become a part of the toxic waste that refuses to degrade after several years? Does your love for music come in the way of your dedication to make more sustainable and conscious consumer choices? We have just the thing that can serve both your love for the art and nature from getting tainted.

The Bamboo Speaker is Bamboo India’s attempt to help consumers make plastic-free and biodegradable choices, helping them move towards a more sustainable way of living. This creation of theirs is not only beautiful because of its unique cuts and marking but proves to be an extremely durable product, rich in tonal variations. Its passive amplifier is hand-made and makes it double as a stylish docking station. This one-of-a-kind speaker dock uses no electricity making it a 100% green product. It is made from a single piece of bamboo which holds your device in place as it plays music in order to amplify the sound.

It is an ideal product to use around the house and proves to be a useful companion during trips. It can also be used for amplifying hands-free calls and skype sessions. It is a signature product and makes for a fitting eco-friendly gift for loved ones.

Costing just INR 399, at this price it really does the trick. You can buy the speakers on their website and check out their other bamboo products.

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