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90s’ Kids, Retro Pins Are Back With A Bang Thanks To This Indian Start Up

Who would’ve thought that something that started of as serving the mere purpose of holding garments together would end up becoming a unique form of creative expression in urban culture. Pins are making a comeback from the 90s, aided by the rise of laidback street culture as well as the influence of pop-culture and social media in the fashion world. In fact, the man behind Pintrill one of the leading pin producers in the world Mr. Roschwalb, tells New York Times that pins are the hieroglyphics of our age.

The scene has now caught up with India, with the company Say It With A Pin that started in May 2018, and is a passion product of creative agency 2626 Creative Studio. “Unlike clothes, bags, and many fashion accessories pins stand out as wearable iconography. And no one was using them wisely in India. We wanted to make pins as a language and add the angle of handcrafted by hand painting all of them since everything around us is so digital,” said representatives of the company. They aim to capture the present cultural climate with humour and self-awareness, a way to express opinions in a strong, yet positive manner. More than just a pin production company, they have also created a forum for independent artists to showcase their distinct creative expressions via pins through The Pin Collective.

They launched the company to test out how the response to hand painted pins would be since a product like this hadn’t previously existed in the India market, and they weren’t let down. “ The response was so good that we haven’t stopped till now. We are now collaborating with various artists & all kinds of brands like Diageo, Amazon Prime, event companies, co-working spaces, etc. Pins as a medium is easily applicable to all genres and can target a wide variety of individuals too,” they tell us.

Source: Say It With A Pin Facebook
Source: Say It With A Pin Facebook

Everyone can find something for themselves here, from empowering feminist pins to laddoos and jalebis for dessert enthusiasts. For the 90s’ babies, there is a range of old-school nostalgia-inducing pieces, like cassette recorders and Milton-styled water coolers. There are also themed pin packs, I’m personally digging the beach collection with the flip-flops and palm tree pins — vacation vibes at a fraction of the cost! For those getting into the holiday spirit, there are adorable gingerbread men as well as festive Christmas trees.

They recently started a collection of earrings, tea lovers can rejoice with their chai-tumbler shaped studs and animal lovers can now even sport pandas on their earlobes. For those seeking something truly unique, you can reach out to them for custom designs that their in-house artists and designers will whip up for you. They are also setting up to launch an exciting do-it-yourself kit for pin-lovers that allows people to select 3 pins that they like along with a set of special paints and brushes.

You can explore their collection of pins and buy them here.

Feature Image Courtesy - Say It With A Pin Facebook Page

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