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This Christmas, Ditch Chocolates And Gift A Vacation With An Artist Instead

As the holiday season comes around, we’re all floating in a sea of similar dilemmas yet again. Whether it’s Diwali or Christmas, we’ve all, at some point, torn our hair out at the thought of buying someone a present. Clothes are always a risk when it comes to not just finding the perfect fit but also just generally knowing and understanding the person’s style and preferred colour palate. Chocolates make the lack of effort a little too obvious, and gift cards, though more useful, are often considered impersonal. But all material gifts, unfortunately, fade away with time. It’s only experiences that remain in the depths of our memory and the internal storage of our phones. So what if we tell you that it’s now actually possible to gift someone an experience that’ll stay with them long after the time has passed.

For most of us, a holiday involves lounging in a hammock with sounds of the waves humming in the backdrop while we sip on a cool drink. But for many others a holiday is more about travelling and absorbing the culture around. For many, simply being a tourist is not enough. They want to immerse themselves in the local cultures, get familiar with the local lifestyle, and interact with not just native vendors and shopkeepers, but artists as well - those who comprise the true soul of the place.

Vacation With An Artist (VAWAA), an online platform for creative travellers, plays on the idea of gifting someone a vacation with their favourite or preferred artist. It’s for the restless travellers who want more than just to lounge in a hammock with the sound of waves crashing at the shore as they sip on their drinks. Started by Geetika Agrawal who curates artists from around the world and connects them to people who are interested in learning a new trade or skill, VAWAA has recently launched a range of gift cards just in time for the festive season!

From learning a 5000 year old metal art with an expert to learning the skill with India’s finest ceramist to paper making in Luisa and Herve in Auroville to learning how to make bamboo bicycles, there’s a VAWAA gift for everyone. And the fact that it’s open to people with all skill levels and no prior art experience makes it even more accessible. Also, each gift card is valid for 5 years.

Considering the plethora of unheard of artists flourishing in India, VAWAA has done a great job of bridging the gap between artists and people. VAWAA gift cards are application towards VAWAA with any artist in India or another country. In fact, come 2019, VAWAA is also organising 3 special photography retreats in Italy, Spain and Norway. Unlike a typical VAWAA gift card experience which is designed for solo travellers, these photography retreats will be held in groups of 6-8 people.

For more information about the VAWAA gift cards, click here.

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