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Fighting Climate Change With Art – Be A Part Of India’s First Climate Parade In Delhi

Over the years, St+Art India has been instrumental in not just making art accessible but also introducing the country to some of the most unique art projects. From giving life to one of Mumbai’s simplest neighbourhoods with the Sassoon Dock Art Project to visually transforming a simple basketball court into India’s first ‘hype court’, the organisation has been at the forefront of this movement. And this year, they’re going out of their way to give ‘climate change’ the attention it deserves by integrating it with art.

For their annual street art festival, St+Art is collaborating with Italian visual artist Andreco to bring to India a unique environmental art project. ‘Climate Art Project’ is deeply rooted in India’s air and water pollution problems. Through ‘Climate 05 - Reclaiaming Air and Water’, which is the fifth step of Andreco’s Climate Art Project, Andreco will focus on the consequences of Delhi’s rising air and water pollution. It draws heavily from recent statistics and studies on the pollution of important Indian water bodies like river Yamuna and sheds light on practices that will further air and water remediation.

The project includes installations in urban spaces, mural paintings, collective performances and talks which aim to create a connection between sciences and art, a dialogue that translates into works inspired by the latest scientific researches on the causes and the effects of climatic changes.

Andreco is also organising a parade to attract more attention and mobilise awareness that will last long after the Climate Art Project has successfully moved on. The parade will go through the Lodhi neighbourhood and is open to anyone and everyone who wants to do their bit towards the environment. It will be a collective performance with music and flags that stand for Climate justice and water and air quality in Delhi. The artist has designed flags that represent the Yamuna river, the best locally-available plants for air and water pollution remediation, and other images that represent a vision based on the scientific data.

As a city with some of the highest levels of air pollution in the country, Delhi was an obvious choice as a destination for Andreco’s project. River Yamuna too runs through the capital and is known for having high levels of water pollution, along with Ganges.

Following is the schedule for the Climate Art Project:

March 3rd, 4:00pm

Meeting for performers that want to join the parade – Kona, Jor bagh Market

(Rehearsal from March 4th to 9th)

March 10th, 4:00pm

Parade and presentation of the wall painting – Lodhi Colony, Delhi

March 12th,

Talk: Art and Science at the time of Climate Change

Climate 05- Reclaiming Air and Water quality, Delhi, India

To know more about it, click here or follow St+Art India’s Instagram page.

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