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Apply Now: Sustainability Summer Program In Paris Invites Young Leaders From Around The World

In 2015, the United Nations set out a deadline for the rest of the world: to ensure a sustainable, environment friendly future for the world, 17 specific goals must be met by the year 2030. These are the Sustainable Development Goals. Quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation – a few goals among many others on the list that need hands-on and immediate attention. With a deadline that’s 13 years away, there is no doubt that the responsibility rests upon the shoulders of the youth. This is a call to the same youth – to step forward and make a change.

SDG School is a project-based summer program co-organized by Maker’s Asylum in Mumbai, India and CRI – Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity – in Paris, France. A four-week programme based in Paris, this project is based on training selected students in new methodologies in science and technology that enable them to design and implement global projects contributing towards meeting the goals set out by the UN. With a hundred young participants, this project looks at enabling an entire new generation to tackle sustainability smartly and resourcefully. For this years’ edition, the project is looking to solve 9 of the 17 SDG goals.

This four-week programme will run from 1st July to 26th July, 2019 - and is split into two programmes conducted over two weeks each. The Steam Session, in the first two weeks, will focus on the ideation of projects, technical workshops and a final demonstration. The last two weeks will host the Impact Session which will enable you implement your ideas through a training of research, testing and presentations. As a participant of the SDG School, you will work under a team of mentors who are change-makers in their own disciplines – who will help you help you recognize global issues and design high-impact projects to address them. Moreover, with a team of like-minded thinkers from around the world, this project is the perfect opportunity to step beyond the confines of sustainability as we know it – and explore what it means for countries from across the globe.

Looking to bring together individuals from across the world, this programme applies a significant amount of emphasis on diversity. There is no restriction with regards to your academic – the program is open to young leaders, students from design, engineering, art, business and law among other disciplines. The only requirement is the drive to change the world. If you’re a student aged 16 and above - armed with ideas and the ardor to see them through – then you’re a perfect candidate for the programme. The application close on 15th May, 2019. Click here to apply soon!

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