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‘Kutte Ka Baccha’ Is A Hilariously Absurd Instagram Page You Need To Follow

Rohan Mukherjee definitely has a unique voice. His love for satire, absurdity and everything fun is evident in his brand of design. When he’s not working with his cloud studio, Double Clap, he’s busy putting dog faces on human bodies with his profile ‘Kutte Ka Baccha’. We had a chance to talk with this Mumbai based artist on everything from his influences and inspirations to his favourite midnight munchies. Check it out!

Tell us about ‘Kutte Ka Baccha’.

After experimenting with surrealism and absurdist collages, I wanted to extend my attitude about collages to a different format. Collage to me, is the coming together of elements that might contradict each other. Images that might not necessarily go well together. That’s what appeals to me. So, the idea of combining a cute puppy’s face, with a child’s torso - along with a name that gets a reaction by itself - felt like a productive thing to do on a weekend afternoon.

Kutte Ka Baccha is honestly my personal playground. A vent out from hours of client work and creative directing ideas for brands, creating a Kutte Ka Baccha artwork every day gives me the same relief as taking off your tight shoes, after a long day of legwork.

‘HG loves’ the satirical humour behind the Instagram page, and the creative irrationality that the collages showcase!

What are some of your biggest inspirations over the years of your artistic career?

The trouble with too much content, ergo overdosing on inspiration is that one tends to forget the names of the artists/authors. Some of my fond inspirations are The Clockwork Orange, Enter the Void, Kung Fury - to Dadaism, and surrealism in general.

Personally, inspiration for me is not another piece of art so to speak - but where my head is at. Nihilism has always been a cuddle-buddy. So, when I started working as a writer in design and ad agencies, I think what irked me is the idea behind rules of aesthetics behind design - how some things just shouldn’t be done. That’s what I wanted my work to break free from. The conventional notions of a particular shade of colour not going well with another. These are understandable concerns for commercial projects, but to self-impose these rules on yourself on your downtime? That feels like a tremendous waste of time, when all you have to do is play with colours and shapes. You’re an artist - not a surgeon. The best part? No one dies if one shade is outside of the colour palette.

Describe your creative process and the purpose with which you create?

Usually, it begins with a core idea. Let’s say, I want to show the “Kutta eating a human heart.” Now, as I pick off random things to add to the artwork, it turns into “eating a human heart” from a cookie container. Eating it while fighting off helicopters and nursing baby elephants.

You get the drift?

The thought process has to be that fluid. The second I catch myself repeating a trick or a pattern, I cancel the entire idea just to mess with myself. If it’s not 100% new for me, it’s not going up on Instagram.

Kutte Ka Baccha Instagram

If you could propose and lead a project with the Indian Government, what would it be?

Hmm, me collaborating with the Indian Government is a cute idea. :D I’d love to re-brand neighborhood hair salons, fruit juice stalls and other shops with my artwork. This is in tune with my studio Double Clap’s idea of bringing desi design to local traders for no charges.

Which is your favourite piece of work of your own & why?

Each week it changes, honestly. Since I’m not a trained artist/designer, I literally find new things to do with my art on a daily basis, and whatever progress I make is for Instagram to see. So, two weeks down the line, I know for a fact that I’ll hate what I’m putting up today.

And when that stops, I’m going to start to suck.

On a personal note -

One track you’re currently listening to?

Just a lot of Afro-Pop and LoFi playlists.

A project you wish you were a part of?

C’mon, HG Street, collaborating with Adidas Creators - Absolut Art is a personal favourite. And absolutely anything by Toiletpaper Magazine.

Your favourite midnight munchies?

GoodDay or Hide-n-Seek biscuits. Anyday.

Your greatest vice?

Sloth + Anxiety.

Kutte Ka Baccha Instagram

If you liked Rohan’s work, check out his Instagram here.

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