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#HGDrops: Homegrown Streetwear Brand’s Collection Inspired By Humanity’s Dependence On Technology

The collaborative sports and street wear brand SIX5SIX by brother-sister duo – Avni Aneja and Ambar Aneja, is just a few months old. Through their different collection, the brand hopes to select socially and culturally relevant subject matters and to create conversation pieces surrounding it. The founders consider the brand as catering to the new India – those who care about things and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions and challenge norms, loudly. Using fashion as their medium of expression, the brand talks about how fashion communicates culture, thoughts, expression, music and even phrases through yarn and cloth.

While Avni is the creative force behind the brand who curates the streetwear, design and graphic behind the brand, Ambar handles the daily operations and marketing for the brand. In their own words, “SIX5SIX STREET is the true amalgamation of culture with everyday life, all spun on a bunch of needles and cones, on a planet rotating at x units/ hour in a solar system that never stopped expanding and a galaxy that we don’t even know the size of.”

Man wearing technicolor binary printed hoodie from SIX5SIX

Their latest street wear collection titled ‘Humanity In The Digital Age’ or HDA takes a much need look at how humans now lead a life of technological determinism – a complete dependence on technology, especially social media. In this collection, they used a mix of tie-dyes, dip dyes for technicolor effect and iridescent fabric that reflect light are used to mimic the screens that we use every day. With unique names for the pieces like ‘Digital Age’, ‘Cursor Curse’, ‘Cyber Satan’, ‘Click Bait’ and ‘Human Error’, the brand features evocative designs that stay true to the theme and attempt to start conversations around the topic.

According to Avni, “Humanity in the Digital Age seemed very apt for a country with the second largest population of internet users and 30% of those internet users regularly using social media. We are not trying to tell people whether the usage of social media and the internet is good or bad for them- the aim is to start a discussion about the effects of our digital age.”

You can find more images from the look book below:

Woman wearing pink street wear style long jacket with click bait and cyber satan written on it from SIX5SIX
Man wearing black, grey and yellow outfit from streetwear brand SIX5SIX
Woman wearing blue and orange denim outfit from streetwear brand SIX5SIX
Woman wearing blue denim outfit from streetwear brand SIX5SIX
Man wearing black, brown and tan outfit with jacket and cargo pants from street wear brand SIX5SIX
Woman wearing white and green outfit from street wear brand SIX5SIX
Woman wearing black jacket with glow in the dark details from street wear brand SIX5SIX

You can find more information regarding the brand at their website and stay tuned to their updates on their Instagram.

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