Apply Now : Over 30 Jobs Open Across 9 Indian Creative Companies - Homegrown

Apply Now : Over 30 Jobs Open Across 9 Indian Creative Companies

It’s an exciting time to be a creative in India. A hub of entrepreneurship and innovation, the past decade has seen countless businesses and organisations mushroom across the country. It’s creative economy has been furthered by the rise of these movements and with it has granted opportunities of employment and learning to a fresher and younger generation.

So if you happen to be keen on joining India’s creative force, Homegrown has curated a bunch of exciting jobs and internship opportunities for the first step of your journey. From design and photography, to event management and marketing, here are some of the finest careers you should be checking out!

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I. HOMEGROWN | Mumbai (Media)

Homegrown is a multi-pronged contemporary youth culture and lifestyle platform in India powered by media, strategic & creative agency, experiential agency, content studio, production house, youth market research verticals with a passion to ‘change the narrative’ in India.

Career Opportunities :

Design Interns | Interns + Freshers

Event Managers | Interns + Project Basis ( OCT-DEC )

Instagram Managers | Interns in Street Culture | Fashion | Sustainability | Events

Writers | Interns + 1/3 Years Experience

Photographer | Interns + Project Basis ( OCT-DEC )

Brand Managers | Interns + 1/3 Years Experience

Illustrator | Interns + 1/2 Years Experience

Motion Graphics Designer | Interns + 1/2 Years Experience

Where To Apply : Mail to [email protected]

II. SIX5SIX | Delhi (Fashion)

SIX5SIX is a collaborative sports and street wear venture started by brother-sister duo - Avni Aneja and Ambar Aneja. Through their different collection, the brand hopes to select socially and culturally relevant subject matters and to create conversation pieces surrounding it. The founders consider the brand as catering to the new India – those who care about things and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions and challenge norms, loudly.

Career Opportunities :

Social Media Manager

Where To Apply : Mail to [email protected]


Backed by twelve years of experience, Aaquib Wani Design is a studio by experiential designer and art director Aaquib Wani, which focuses on marrying traditional graphic design elements with unique and contemporary visuals to bring unparalleled aesthetics for fashion, art, spaces, installations, weddings and brands.

Career Opportunities :


Spatial Designers

Where To Apply : Mail to [email protected]

IV. MAKER’S ASYLUM | Mumbai (Sustainability)

Maker’s Asylum is a community maker space focused on fostering innovation through passion and purpose based learning. They have four lab at their space namely - digital fabrication, wood, metal and electronics.

Career Opportunities :


Maker’s Asylum is a place where you not only teach but also get to learn and upgrade yourself. They’re looking for passionate individuals who want to share their knowledge and skills with the community and are technically sound in operating a 3DPrinter / Laser Cutting machine / Power tools / Apply CAD / SolidWorks / Coding and more (basically an electronic geek)

Where To Apply : Mail to [email protected]

Additionally, Maker’s Asylum are doing a cool new event : Apply Now : A Multi-City UNESCO Event On The Futures Of Learning Through Alternative Spaces

V. ANIMA CREATIVES | Mumbai (Talent)

Anima Creative Management Pvt. Ltd is a talent management firm that exclusively represents Indian and International Models / Photographers/Stylists/ Hair and Make-up Artists for the fashion,film and advertising industry. Their unique approach to managing the careers of their talent combined with a keen eye for recognising and scouting new faces, has established a reputation for innovative thinking with a strong understanding of the marketplace.

Career Opportunities :

Booking Assistant

Where To Apply : Mail to [email protected]m.

VI. SAAVN | Mumbai | Bangalore | Gurgaon (Music)

If you don’t know already, JioSaavn is the online music streaming service and a digital distributor of Bollywood, English and other regional Indian music across the world.

Career Opportunities :

Social Media

Brand Solutions

Artist Originals

Business Operations

& much more.

Where To Apply : You can apply here.

VII. BOXOUT | Delhi (Music) is an online radio station borne of an urgent need for a community-run platform focusing on alternative music and culture in India. In order to serve the community’s needs and help it thrive, we offer a carefully-mined perspective on India’s emergent musical and cultural scenes, both on and off the Internet.

Career Opportunities :

Junior Video Editor

Social Media Manager

Radio Studio Assistant

Personal Assistant

Design Intern

Where To Apply : You can apply here.

VIII. BODEMENTS | Mumbai (Fashion)

Started by Divya Saini, a 24 year old stylist and creative director from Mumbai, Bodements markets itself as “Handpicked. Exclusive. Upcycled.” Following a softer vintage tone punctuated with Indian aesthetics, Bodements has a wide collection of long, patterned dresses and shirts, trousers, and jackets. Divya’s personal style is “constantly evolving,” she says and aims to make a unique mark in the fashion industry.

Career Opportunities :

Assistant Business Manager

Where To Apply : Mail to [email protected]

IX. CORE | Bangalore | Delhi (Design)

Founded in 2019 on the philosophy ‘Less is more’, CORE is a new concept store & design house that brings to life women’s and menswear, using the highest quality of natural, eco-friendly and recycled fabrics made from byproduct’s - our archive includes but is not restricted to citrus fibre, aloe vera, rose, tencel, hemp, corn, waste milk and many more. We transform our plant based, natural and recycled textiles into finely tailored collections. CORE strives to provide contemporary design with sustainable sensibilities through an array of inclusive apparel which showcase clean lines, crisp cuts with a minimalistic aesthetic. We aim is to change the way people perceive slow fashion, making it accessible & relatable. As a company we strive towards making a positive impact on societies and the environment, through carefully curated events, workshops & collaborations we help enable a more conscious lifestyle.

Career Opportunities :

Styling & Photography Intern

Graphic Design Intern

Social Media Manager

Copywriter & Research Intern

Where To Apply : Mail to [email protected]

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