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An Exploration Of Femininity And Body Positivity Through Concept Jewellery

Born and brought up in Kolkata, India, Ritumainty Mondal is the founder of the conceptual jewellery brand, “Perthro”. She is based in Italy. She derives the inspiration for her artworks from the fabric of society in general, and contemporary social issues in particular.

Conceptual art was a phenomenon which emerged around the 1960s in the U.S. and Europe. The predominant idea behind the phenomenon was not the artistic skills of its maker per se, but rather the thoughts and impressions which went into the creation of the art form. The “readymades” of conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp were not created with any intention for it to be an object of art. Rather, conceptual art is a significant departure from the idea of art as commodity.

The very first collection of Ritumainty Mondal’s conceptual jewelleries is called “La Figa”, which in Italian means “the pussy”. This collection comprises pieces that derive their inspiration from female reproductive organs like the uterus and vulva, and the organs associated with the reproductive process like the umbilical cord. Events like the birth of a child, as well as the different types of female orgasms (clitortal, g-spot, cervical, squirt) have been treated as subjects of jewellery art by Ritumainty Mondal.

A woman shown embracing herself, through double exposure photography
A sexual union with oneself

Each piece of jewellery embodies a subject that embraces womanhood in all its glory. It is also a subversion of the taboos associated with the male gaze (the patriarchy), which treats the female bodily processes as embarrassing and hideous. The name of the collection itself (“La Figa”) is slang for the “uterus”, which being said out loud, serves as a blatant disregard for any ridicule that might be associated with it. The jewellery pieces are not unique in their form or aesthetic quality, but rather in the dialogue that they hold with their spectators. In moulding these jewelleries into shapes that convey socially-significant themes, the artist has tried to embrace self-love, sexuality and body-positivity for women.

You can check out their collection here.

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