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An Upcoming Documentary Exemplifying The Nightmares Of Climate Change

How many climate strikes is it going to take for us to truly be jolted from our slumber. Unknown are a selective few who do monitor their carbon foot print, taking on initiatives to aid and suppress the current climate crisis. It has only been escalating since. Taking matters into their own hands, We Build This City speaks out against the proliferation of the felling of trees, the lungs that have gradually tarnished by one of society’s own. Aiding in the the revolutionary Chipko movement, taking a strong stance against the government, in the pretext of development. Resuming several climate strikes later, to continue exploring and staunchly standing against climate change and all of the dangers that it instills upon the generations to come. From protesting on the streets to, making documentaries centred around the steep incline in the temperature and the pollution levels at Delhi. We Build This City, encapsulates the strife of having to fight for cleaner, breathable air. The impending need to curtail the proliferation of these occurrences, which will ultimately be the key to all of our undoing; perhaps a mass extinction.

Presently working on a documentary to impinge on the emotions of the concrete jungle that we call home. A beaconing for all the weary to get a rude awakening, a wake up call. The ever-growing hazardous conditions that get bestowed upon us in the context of urbanisation. Environmental degradation is no ancient relic, but one prolonging today; as we breath in the fresh pollution. The scene unfolds to showcase all of the privileges that urbanisation and rapid growth have brought into with our lives. A narrative precedes alongside the varied stills displayed, telling us that we live in a delusion. The city, industrialisation, the ever decaying environment that we so largely contribute to. Growing environmental corrosions and the decay, the challenges, the pollution, the land of toxic landfill that is and all that it’s bound to be. The film yearns to explore the magnitude of the climate crisis and the pullulation of it, in the near future. We should then channel our vested interests into becoming better citizens who serve the environment for a sustainable living, for a brighter tomorrow.

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