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Wild Karnataka: India’s First Blue Chip Nature Documentary Captures the Spirit of Wilderness

Karnataka’s wilderness and grandeur, the Western Ghats in all their glory can be seen in theatres on March 03. It took wildlife photographers and filmmakers Kalyan Verma and Amoghavarsha JS four years to create this 53-minutes long enchanting masterpiece. India’s first Blue Chip natural history film, this film is the only one so far to have been recorded in 4K Ultra HD resolution that captures the tiniest of details.

Wild Karnataka takes you through a safari guided by the voice of Sir David Attenborough and makes you come alive to the unexplored beauty that lies deep within the forests of Karnataka. So, if Karnataka in all its wild glory isn’t enough to beckon you to the theatres, Sir David Attenborough’s voice sure will. As Verma mentioned in an interview, it was only after a lot of struggle and even emotional blackmail that the historian came on board for this. It captures you entirely and holds you, hostage, until the end.

Not just a documentary, it is filled with a good chunk of humour and it’s difficult not to laugh when the otters chase away tigers or when the frogs are seen dancing away! Wild Karnataka truly captures the spirit of natural wilderness, the credit for which goes to the directors, who adapted to nature and made the animals comfortable enough to behave naturally for the film.

Verma and Amoghavarsha have left no stone unturned in making Wild Karnataka the biggest documentary produced in India, and the end product certainly doesn’t disappoint. Scroll down to watch the official teaser.

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