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Indian Hip-Hop Artist Uses Themes Of Indian Mythology To Create Music About Our Culture

2019 saw one of the most prolific hip-hop outfits of the last two decades Foreign Beggars call quits. In early 2020, its former co-founder reincarnated himself as PAV4N (to be read as Pavan) and released his first single, ‘KARMA’ on March 6. The rise of hip-hop in the cultural fabric of our country has seen representation like no other and KARMA taps into the very roots of this culture. Adages and mythologies that most Indians have grown up on are embedded in the lyrics of this work. It is resonant of themes that have surrounded us and are an integral part of us.

Envisioned as a living art piece, PAV4N is rooted in Indian mythology. Inspired by the aesthetics of blue-skinned Hindu deities – Krishna, Kali, and Shiva– PAV4N seeks to employ the wider themes and concepts that surround these legends in the stories he tells through his music and visuals.
“The colour blue is associated with ‘all-inclusiveness’, the vastness of the sky, ocean, power, time and space and is in my eyes symbolic of our oneness with the universe,” PAV4N explains.

Setting the tone for what to expect from PAV4N, ‘KARMA’ boasts of hard-hitting bars which are both conscious and subversive, some knocking 808s, coupled with intriguing Indian vocal samples and comes equipped with a stunning music video shot in Vrindavan, Mathura, Shergarh and New Delhi. The track has been produced by contemporary, up and coming producer from Leicester, 2NV.

“The song is about self-empowerment and understanding that everyone needs to be the change they wish to see,” says PAV4N. “One of the most important aspects of being an MC is authenticity and expressing your truths and perspective, and the lyrics of this song are an opportunity to really share my perspective without having to water anything down for anyone,” he adds.

The video for ‘KARMA’ – directed by Bombay Arthouse was released on March 6.

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