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Not An 'Incredible India': A Visual Artist Captures The Stark Reality Of India Today

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the government, besides failing on all fronts with respect to COVID healthcare, has also failed its citizens on multiple levels of governance and human rights issues.

From rising COVID-19 cases in the nation to a nosediving national economy, social ills like the Hathras rape case, the migrant labourers’ crisis, the Ayodhya verdict etc are only a few of the many disastrous outcomes precipitated by the present government.

In this scenario, when we think of the Government of India’s popular tourism campaign, ‘Incredible India’, we wonder whether it holds true at all right now. How can a nation which has failed its poor time and again, be ‘incredible’?

With an exciting diversity in terms of landscapes, heritage, culture, communities, and flora and fauna, India, which has been one of the most preferred destinations for tourists from all across the world, is also the country where a woman is raped every 15 minutes and a place where roughly 6.7% of the population live below the poverty line.

This makes us think: is there anything as ‘incredible’ about India presently? It is when we fail to get an answer in the affirmative, that we should be concerned, and take a look at the things happening around the country.

Vinod Ravindranathan, a visual artist from Mumbai, has voiced an artistic opinion by invoking the same campaign by curating a series of jarring photographs which show India as not so ‘incredible’ after all.

Disclaimer: “All the images have been taken from Google” – Vinod R.

Hathras incident is one of the worst incidents that could have occurred in the history of any country. The fact that police were the guardians to the entire incident makes it even worse.
Image Source: The Print
Babri verdict, Image Source: Alamy
JNU clashes
Image Source: The Tribune
JNU clashes
Image Source: India Today
While the media evaded away from covering the more important news in India, the world saw Indian mainstream media focusing on glorified papparazi content.
Image Source: The Wire
Migrant workers
Image Source: Living in faith
Migrant workers
Image Source: The Economic Times
The gimmick of banging plates
Image Source: The Hindustan Times
Migrant workers
Image Source: Al Jazeera

Vinod Ravindranathan is a visual artist/director from Bombay, who experiments in different forms of visual storytelling through different mediums like illustrative art, animation and music. Having been a musician, his visual storytelling depicts a strong sense of playful fluidity and human emotion translated through art. While his approach is experimental, it is derived from essential human experiences and truths that form a part of everyday life situations.

Check out his Instagram here.

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