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BTS Featured In Indian Textbooks For The Very First Time

There’s a little chance of you not being aware of the powerhouse of talent that BTS, the infamous South Korean boyband, is renowned to be. Breaking barriers across the spheres of art, music, and culture to pave their pay to the top internationally, the undisputed K-pop icons are now amassing attention even in India’s school textbooks — Yes, you heard that right!

Apart from being phenomenal artists who are nascent for being vocal about social issues and empowering their fans, the boy band’s UN speech that inspired millions with its impactful and heart-warming message has now made its way to our college textbooks in the state of Tamil Nadu.

BTS speech in Tamil Nadu Textbook
BTS Speech excerpts mentioned in the textbook

The induction of the band’s speech in the textbooks aims to make education fun and relatable along with spreading a positive message across to the students and is being hailed by many. The textbook includes a portion of Kim Nam-Joon’s speech that infuses hope into the youth and urges them to chase their dreams.

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