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3 Homegrown Brands Flipping Discarded & Vintage Furniture Into New Pieces

There’s a charm about one-off, bespoke items that is hard to find in those that are mass-produced –– with qualities that are complex to describe, things that are handmade hold so much more sentiment and value. Furniture, for example, feels all the more special and homely when you know it is made just for you, or you are the only one that owns such a piece.

Off-late, we have (luckily) noticed the fad of upcycling furniture –– taking old or vintage pieces and adding that extra oomph with colour, design, texture and more. These furniture and interior pieces are not only beautiful to look at, but also come with years of history attached to them. Furniture flipping, as some would call it, is a lovely way to give a space a makeover –– by adding brightness, care and novelty.

We could not stop at simply appreciating this art, and so, we put together some of the businesses that do this professionally, and are great at it. Breathing life into old furniture, these businesses have everything you would want to purchase if you wish to energise your home.

I. Brown & Teal by Jaya

If you are looking to add pops of colour to your space or add some life, Brown & Teal should be your go-to. With their great choice of colours and simple yet elegant designs, they manage to maintain the vintage integrity of each piece while lending it new energy.

We love their (now sold) laundry-basket-turned-console-table, MORO –– refurbished with Moroccan tiles and the right shade of yellow, this piece of furniture is full of personality and vibrancy.

A piece from Brown & Teal is sure to bring in a sense of joy into your home, and we suggest you check them out. You can do so here.

II. Imarim

One of our all-time favourites, Imarim, by mother-daughter duo Riti and Maanya Dhar, is a genius at flipping mundane objects into lively furniture and home decor. From tables to cushion covers and hooks to bookends, Imarim is beyond successful at introducing a range of colours and dynamism into an otherwise plain space.

With all products 100 per cent upcycled, Imarim is truly Indian at heart, and credits the art of jugaad as part of their inspiration and process –– except, they manage to make it look wonderfully beautiful.

The products are hand-painted with love and are definitely something to admire. Head to their website here to add these gems to your cart, or visit them on Instagram here.

III. The Second Wind

Along with customised, new furniture, The Second Wind also excels at picking up discarded or old items and turning them into something you can proudly show off in your home. The smart use of objects such as globes and candle stands has us in awe as we see the transformation from ‘nothing’ to something spectacular. Each of their honest roots are maintained and its features are accentuated.

Their use of reclaimed wood reminds us that new is not always better –– especially if you can save another tree from being felled, and yet receive something unique and full of life.

You can explore the Gurgaon-based company’s upcycled furniture and interiors on their website here, or head to their Instagram page here.

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