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Art Newspaper ‘The Irregular Times’ Is A New Take On Contemporary Culture

Art culture has been ever-evolving –– from a very one-dimensional perspective of art years ago, we have seen India take to a new wave that dictates the existence of art in various mediums. Decades ago, no one would have thought for art to be released in the form of a newspaper –– of course, it was only ever meant for information (and maybe propaganda).

Changing that notion is The Irregular Times, ‘a newspaper for the community, by artists, writers, thinkers, and designers’ by the Irregulars Alliance. Far from the typical notion of your daily dose of news from around the world, The Irregular Times is packed with fresh perspectives and ideas at the intersection of art, media, activism, politics, and contemporary culture.

“In the newspaper, we will highlight pressing stories; create interactive and thought-provoking content, all the while challenging the general self-seriousness that typically runs the art world. Our goal is to make the newspaper accessible to schools, universities, artists, non-artists and institutions across India,” says the Irregular Times team.

It is not difficult to guess what their first issue, ‘Please Wait For The Host To Start This Meeting’ is about –– the madness that ensued in 2020, and continues even now. Worry not, they have a fresh outlook to it.

They say, “The first issue explores the year that was and continues to be, and the impact of the digital wormhole on our everyday lives. We promise it isn’t devastating or morbid. In fact, we hope it serves as a respite from the vicious Zoom, Google Meet and Instagram cycle.”

Going back to print, and producing art that can be held by one is a move we appreciate deeply. Additionally, we are also excited to see, experience and imbibe all the wonderful art that the newspaper will contain. A great way to open yourselves up to fresher insights, we suggest you order your copy of The Irregular Times soon.

You can do so here.

You can also find them on Instagram here.

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