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Sex & Self Care: MyMuse Reminds You How Intimacy Means To Look After Yourself

To speak of sex, or anything related to sex here in India is a taboo –– if not, be sure to garner some really uncomfortable and disappointed looks. We would like to believe we have come a long way, with what we see in our films and mainstream media, but what remains in regular Indian households are notions of shame, hesitancy, all under an overall hush-hush theme.

Facing this issue head-on is sexual wellness and lifestyle brand MyMuse by founders (also wife and husband) Anushka and Sahil Gupta. Homegrown spoke to them about the who, what and why of their brand to understand the space in which it functions.

It is no surprise the Indian market lacks sensitivity towards sex and sexual wellness –– everything is either conveyed covertly or masked by humour. Do we really, in the 21st Century, need that? And so, we asked MyMuse –– how do you fill this market gap?

Anushka says, “While people’s conversations are evolving and they are talking about sex, companies and brands have not caught on. Till recently, there were no innovations in the sexual wellness industry.”

Taking sex beyond contraceptives, MyMuse focuses on sex with a lens of intimacy and pleasure –– both, on your own and with partner(s). While various brands focus on the health and hygiene aspect of sex, this one hones in on the sweet spot of exploring and enhancing pleasure altogether.

Here’s why we appreciate MyMuse and their approach –– they do not present sex and sexual wellness as a problem that needs addressing. They refer to it as a part and parcel of life without making it sound like a novel and alien facet. Their thoughts and products, both, exist in a sphere where ‘Let’s talk about sex, baby’ is more than a Salt-N-Pepa tune.

“It really is about intimate wellness. What sometimes may be missed is that this relates to so many elements of your being –– your mental, emotional and physical health, spirituality, and even how you interact with others. It should not be pigeon-holed into something that is only sexual in nature. We want to normalise the notion that spending time with oneself, quite literally, is intimacy,” explains Sahil.

This thought reflects in their products –– far from what you can designate to just sex, these products are directed more at holistic wellness. This includes everything from their massager Pulse to the candle Spark, and the mood-setting oils to their diverse gift sets. With the sleek design, MyMuse products do away with any hesitancy of leaving them out in the open –– in fact, Anushka and Sahil both convey that these are products that can be proudly displayed on your bedside table, and we would have to agree.

Anushka sheds light, and says, “Accessibility and approachability are two important parts of MyMuse. Especially in this sphere of someone’s life, we want them to be comfortable. We have focused on our design and content to create a tone that is easy to relate to, and one that people would be happy to interact with, instead of being embarrassed or ashamed.”

Their journey has been surprisingly positive –– one would assume that normalising sex would garner a rather large amount of apprehension, but Sahil lets us in on their experience.

He says, “If there was a wrongful intention, or we were simply trying to sell sex, then people would have a negative reaction to it. We have been positively surprised. In fact, my mom is our biggest supporter!”

Much like Sahil’s mother, we too, can’t help but be in admiration of MyMuse, their aim and their products.

It helps the brand’s cause that they are bigger than sex –– we would go so far as to say that they are about care. Allowing one the opportunity and time to be with themselves is the ultimate form of self-care. To set the mood, give in to pleasure and derive all that you can from it is far from a shameful act.

MyMuse is one of those brands that will make you want to talk about your experiences –– devoid of embarrassment or anything like it. It makes you want to own your relationship with yourself and fully revel in it. It is not just about their products, it is what you can gain from them.

The brand stems from a place of positivity and fulfilment of a personal cause –– they don’t make them like that any more.

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