#HGStreams: Karsh Kale's Powerful Piece Of Storytelling On Women's Emancipation - Homegrown

#HGStreams: Karsh Kale's Powerful Piece Of Storytelling On Women's Emancipation

Directed and conceptualised by Vinod Ravindranathan, the visual storytelling of the track, ‘Touch’ from Karsh Kale’s new album, Touch-1 breaks the stereotypes and taboos that patriarchy teaches us to embrace. The visuals initially depict the conflicted psyche of a girl who was brought up in a patriarchal world where women are routinely denigrated. Then the story segues into a world where the girl is given the free reins to live life in abandon, without the societal shackles weighing her down. Even though it initially elicits a shock in the girl, she eventually finds her way around to evolve into her own authentic self.

The track undulates with a feminine energy as the visual storytelling progresses to its desired ending. There is an initial conflict followed by a sense of liberation towards the end of the whole audio-visual experience, with the guitar riffs coming in between.

The video also features dancer Srilakshmi who renders the characterisation of the protagonist (the girl) in the video with her flamboyant moves.

This video is inspired by Vinod’s own life, where he has seen a close friend going through these phases. That is how the base storyline of the video was set, and later on visually exaggerated. The conflict and liberation of the protagonist’s mind are recreated through a number of visual metaphors throughout the video.

Watch the video here.

Composed by Karsh Kale

Directed by Vinod Ravindranathan

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