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SPARSEE-ing Is An Almost Tangible Photobook Collection Of Historical Parsee Narratives

Parsee culture is one of a kind, and yet, it barely exists in our books and textbooks, and is rarely given the cultural importance it deserves. With unique traditions, there is a plethora of historic importance that comes with the community –– not simply as a whole, but that of individual lives, too.

SPARSEE-ing is a photobox of 3-4 photobooks by Joyona Medhi, that aims to ‘emphasize the ambiguities of archival proof, restoring historical narratives to what they have perhaps always already been: provoking and serious fantasies, convincing reconstructions, true fictions’, according to her motivations described beautifully in The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog: A pangram to sum up our motivations behind the making of the photobook collection — SPARSEE-ing.

Image Courtesy: Abhishek Basu

Meeting at the intersection of fiction and lived Parsee lives, the photobooks will highlight the nuances of a community rooted in togetherness, history, conversations and more. It will be released at the end of 2021 by an independent publishing studio, Provoke Studios.

Image Courtesy: Abhishek Basu

So far, it is divided into Younger Days, which is rooted in fiction, Your Studio Crumbled and Died which revolves around studio photography, and Sad Little Shoebox which talks about single screen cinema and the glass slides that made the projection of advertisements possible.

Image Courtesy: Abhishek Basu

With photographer Abhishek Basu’s wondrous pictures, such a collection of memories, stories and narratives proves just how important the creative archival process is –– an ode to the past, but also a motivation for the future.

You can find Joyona Medhi here.

You can find Abhishek Basu here.

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