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Homegrown Label A Blunt Story Paves The Path For Conscious Footwear

As the world shifts gear and wakes up to an ever increasing commitment to sustainability, the fashion arena leads with a sustainable foot forward.

A Blunt Story stands out to be an emerging conscious brand pioneering the footwear arena in the homegrown fashion scenario that sheds light on the convenient truth that style and sustainability go hand and hand.

A Blunt Story is a one of a kind footwear label breaking beyond the green-washed ideas of sustainability with its eclectic range of eco-friendly sandals designed to make you sustainably suave in any room you walk in!

The brand drives on a story runs deep as the materials highlight the issue of toxic colonialism as developing nations are burdened with the waste of the west and champions the narratives of the unsung sustainability heroes.

Relying on its strong ethos of UNCRUDE & UNWASTE, the brand utilises a combination of post-consumer fabric waste, post-industrial leather waste, and recycled pet waste in its super sleek range of active footwear to make its point as it does its bit to help with the overwhelming waste problem in the fashion industry. Each pair utilises approximately 10-15gms of post-consumer fabric waste.

Through the construction and design of the range, the brand invites the wearer to question beyond the surface. With a special emphasis on circular fashion, the labels’ footwear packs a strong message that highlights the intricacies and interconnectedness of our co-existence through a thoughtful approach towards fashion.

Designed to usher in a movement of sustainable and cyclical fashion that marries conscious intent and action, A Blunt Story packs heat with footwear that goes beyond fast fashion.

Check out the labels’ exciting range of footwear here.

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