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Redesigning DIY Oral Hygiene With This Homegrown Brand's New Electronic Toothbrush

Perfora is an innovative and promising oral care brand, co-founded by Jatan and Tushar–two young individuals–with the objective of adding value to the life of everyday consumers. Their idea is to introduce clean, functional and design-led products that deliver holistic oral care experiences.

Jatan met Tushar in 2016 on the Jagriti Yatra (an initiative of Jagriti Seva Sansthan, a non-governmental organisation that promotes entrepreneurship), and since then there has been no turning back for the entrepreneur duo. Eventually, they bonded well and came together to create one of India’s most innovative oral care brands called Perfora.

“We were young kids back in the day, trying to figure out what entrepreneurship really means and trying to explore the length and breadth of India, which is why we signed up with that programme,” says Jatan.

Last year, sometime in October-November, when Tushar was part of the Cult Fit team and Jatan was working for Vahdam India, they felt that they have had enough experience and learning, having worked alongside well-established brands, and were therefore well-equipped to start something of their own. After browsing through different products and categories, they figured that oral care was one lifestyle category that had been routinely neglected and had a large scope for innovation. That was when they clinched oral care as their go-to business venture.

Oral Care as a Lifestyle Category

Even though consumers end up spending a lot of time on platforms like Instagram (which is a haven for homegrown lifestyle businesses), they are unable to find too many products that cater to their oral care needs on a day-to-day basis. Today, even the most banal of oral care services demand that we go to the dentist, adding a very clinical approach to a basic lifestyle necessity. The founders of Perfora wanted to build a consumer-first brand that chiefly laid emphasis on consumer contentment and satisfaction. Taking this into consideration, they worked on and developed a sleek, well-designed electric sonic toothbrush with quad interval technology. The product has features like 2-minute automated timer, 30-second pause vibrations, smart memory and two modes for holistic brushing experience. This electric toothbrush has been created by experts and has ultra soft charcoal bristles. The product is named “Truthbrush”, with the objective of reinforcing that the product is all about science and no gimmicks.

As a brand, Perfora is mindful of its actions and is a proud member of 1% for the planet community. With this association, 1% of its revenue will be directed towards preserving and restoring the environment.

Brand Philosophy

The 3 guiding principles of the brand include functionality, design and mindfulness. In balancing the aspects of both functionality and design, the brand treads a middle ground in making the product an attractive buy for most consumers. Again, unlike many lifestyle brands, they back up the claims of functionality of the product with clear science-based arguments and logic, making it a reliable purchase.

Other Products

Other products they aim to launch soon are the Morning and Evening toothpastes, probiotic alcohol-free mouth washes, a water flossing formula, as well as a DIY teeth whitening pen to save yourself the frequent visits to the dentist. Overall, the brand aims to add value to both the functional aspect of oral care as well as aspects of oral beauty.

Check out the brand here.

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