Mumbai, In March We're Raising The Bar For Homegrown Visual Art Experiences

Do not cross, fruits and femininity
Do not cross, fruits and femininityJohnny Ganta, Shibani Mitra

The Homegrown Festival is a first of its kind culture and lifestyle festival in India that will weave Homegrown, South Asian and global talent to reimagine the fabric that defines contemporary Indian culture and creativity today. It’s a platform for exchanges of ideas, diverse perspectives matched with energy of next-generation talent. And everybody is welcome — it’s space for all ages, perspectives, and interests.

#HGStreet festival is not your typical music festival but an adventurous playground for various disciplines.

Apart from the 40+ next gen music acts, conversation panels, sneaker and global streetwear marketplaces, workshops and masterclasses and food and drink pop-ups, this multi-format festival will also host 8+ visual exhibitions featuring artists across multiple mediums.


Perception of beauty and the body has been wide and diverse in the form of photography but it’s safe to say that the expression of this form has been often dominated by men. This begs to question — how do photographers who identify as women perceive beauty? What do they see through their lens?

This project is an effort to share space with some of the best photographers in the country and view what strength, softness, vulnerability, beauty and other interconnecting themes can look like through their powerful lens.

Sharing their perspectives will be Hunar Daga, Lekha Ratnam, Fareen Fatima, Shibani Mitra and Bhavya Pansari.

Pondy in film, Meet Me In The Garden
Pondy in film, Meet Me In The GardenBhavya Pansari, Fareen Fatima


The HG Futures project is focused on envisioning what Indofuturism concepts by artists such as you can bring alive. The focus is to look at how our past can empower the future to reimagine key areas of Spaces, Products, and People as a representation of India’s future.

It's going to be an immersive exhibit with 10-15 artists showing their POV of what a digitized & hybrid generation x ecosystems of our country can be like. Think of it as a window to the future.

Artists from across the country will be coming together to build a collective window into what comes next while amalgamating the perfect balance of the past and the future.

The visual artists who will showcase their work are Vartika Jangid, Reshidev, Siddharth Vohra, Nidhi Iyer, Echofloat, Prateek Arora, Vidya, Abhishek Choudhury, Jeff Nelson and Johnny Ganta.

Katalyst music project, Suryasabha
Katalyst music project, SuryasabhaReshidev, Prateek Arora

THE HGSTREET TYPE PROJECT: Untranslatable Words & The Feelings They Evoke

India is home to hundreds of languages and diverse forms of articulating them. The beauty of language is its ability to capture a moment or a feeling for which often a direct translation can not do justice. These are words or phrases coined by people over the years and our ancestors to capture the essence of the feeling and give it life through the written word.

For this project, with the help of your creative vision and artistic written form, we're creating an immersive showcase of untranslatable words in different Indian languages, through which the viewer can feel, and transcend the physical space, even if it's for just a fleeting moment.

The artists you can check out at this exhibition are Yash, Manav Dhiman, EK Type collective and Kimya Gandhi.

Type From Home series
Type From Home seriesManav Dhiman, Yash


Experience a detailed fantasy world with classical Indian music & dance, historic artefacts, with a modern techno-spiritual,steampunk twist.


The 14-minute piece by Aniruddh Mehta & Aaron Myles Pereira combines a sci-fi abstraction of flashing lights, geometric forms, organic topologies & textures which come together to create a dynamic & ever-evolving visual landscape. It is accompanied by an original soundtrack that further adds depth and emotional resonance to the visuals.


Othersoul is an audio-visual realization of Rohan & Akanksha's techno-romantic vision. A kiss at the intersection of art & technology, embodied through experiments in sounds and textures.

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