4 Indian Street Photographers On Our Radar

Homegrown Staff

Working her magic through the camera lens and striving to create an incredible body of work is Aayushi Bansal, an experimental artist who is creating a storm with her work in the fashion industry. 

Highlighting the hip hop mania and streetwear culture of India, Gong’s visuals provide an up-close and personal experience for the viewers. 

Samrat, an enthusiastic photographer, videographer and art director believes in conceptualising each shoot and takes inspiration from various everyday scenarios as well as his music, which in itself is versatile in range.

Creative direction, versatile portraiture and an avid Instagrammer, Kirti keeps her follower base updated with her latest projects, album sneak peeks and all that jazz. The artistic powerhouse has worked with notable industry biggies like Rajakumari, Kavya Trehan and many others.