A Guide To The Best Boutique Hotels In Kochi

Fathima Abdul Kader

The Indo-Dutch architecture style property with seven rooms, long open verandas and sprawling lawns is both luxurious, and eco-conscious. All the rooms feature colonial style furniture, antique dressers, vintage curios and a breathtaking view.

This historic structure has been a silent observer of life's ebb and flow in Fort Kochi with a million beautiful small details that range from old bookshelves to a framed box enclosing the shirt of someone who helped build the property.

From a personal entourage who’d welcome you at the kadavu (river bank) to the other waiting to serve you with all that you need, the people from the nearby locale continue to work at the palace and have stories to regale a visitor with.

The tranquil ancestral home with a thulasi-thara (a staple in most Hindu family homes in Kerala) is reminiscent of family homes that many Malayalis grew up in, or visited their grandparents in.

Located in the main Fort Kochi area, Malabar House is a property in Fort Kochi that has stood the test of time and continues to do so, even as the rest of it changes.