Homegrown Bucket Hats On Our Radar

Sobhika Vasanthan

Their Sunshine Bucket Hat, made from 100% cotton twill, features intricate embroidery and cutwork details. It's a one-size, gender-neutral piece that perfectly balances comfort and style. 

One standout piece is the 'Not a Bucket Hat', which features eye-catching embroidery that is sure to turn heads. This hat embodies a blend of humor and fashion, challenging traditional norms and encouraging wearers to embrace their individuality.

Sazo’s Rangoon Curry Bucket Hat and Doodle Bucket Hat in Black are prime examples of this ethos. Made with upcycled fabric patches and featuring hand embroidery, these hats are not only eco-friendly but also vibrant and full of character. 

heir Taxi Bucket Hat in bright yellow felt is a statement piece that promises to elevate any outfit. With features like belt loops, eyelets, and a relaxed silhouette, this unisex hat is designed for both style and comfort.