Homegrown Bucket Hat Brands
Homegrown Bucket Hat BrandsSazo

4 Homegrown Brands That Are Breathing New Life Into The Classic Bucket Hat

Remember when hats were simply a practical way to block the sun? Those days are long gone. Hats have evolved into versatile style statements that complete any look. From classic fedoras to '90s bucket hats, the accessory world is vast and varied. This year, bucket hats are making a significant comeback. Bucket hats have indeed come a long way from their utilitarian origins. Today, they are a must-have accessory that can transform any outfit and t here’s a bucket hat out there to suit every style and personality. Worn by celebrities and trendsetters alike, these hats are the perfect blend of function and fashion. Here are four brands creating bucket hats that should definitely be on your radar.


Sunshine Bucket Hat
Sunshine Bucket HatIMWIP

IMWIP (I’m Work In Progress) is a high street brand known for its emphasis on self-improvement and fashion as a means of self-expression. The brand aims to boost self-confidence through stylish and unique pieces, reminding us that fashion is a mirror reflecting our growth and personality. Their Sunshine Bucket Hat, made from 100% cotton twill, features intricate embroidery and cutwork details. It's a one-size, gender-neutral piece that perfectly balances comfort and style. The patchwork design adds a touch of artistic flair to casual outfits, making it a versatile choice for everyday wear. You can follow IMWIP on Instagram here.

2. the Misnomer

Not A Bucket Hat
Not A Bucket Hatthe Misnomer

the Misnomer brings a playful twist to the bucket hat trend with their quirky and distinctive designs. Known for its statement-making pieces, Misnomer's bucket hats are hand-made with cotton corduroy, ensuring they are as comfortable as they are stylish. One standout piece is the 'Not a Bucket Hat', which features eye-catching embroidery that is sure to turn heads. This hat embodies a blend of humor and fashion, challenging traditional norms and encouraging wearers to embrace their individuality.

You can follow the Misnomer on Instagram here.

3. Sazo


Sazo is the brainchild of independent creator Saoni Daini, who draws inspiration from the whimsical and eccentric. The brand encourages breaking the rules and stepping outside comfort zones with bold, unique designs. Sazo’s Rangoon Curry Bucket Hat and Doodle Bucket Hat in Black are prime examples of this ethos. Made with upcycled fabric patches and featuring hand embroidery, these hats are not only eco-friendly but also vibrant and full of character. The addition of pop color cord adjusters and an all-around brim ensures a perfect fit and a standout look. You can follow Sazo on Instagram here.

4. Rising Among

Storm Hat
Storm HatRising Among

Rising Among stands out with its mission to start conversations through authentic streetwear. Their Taxi Bucket Hat in bright yellow felt is a statement piece that promises to elevate any outfit. With features like belt loops, eyelets, and a relaxed silhouette, this unisex hat is designed for both style and comfort. Additionally, the brand offers the Bandana Reversible Hat, which boasts a versatile design with a blue and red paisley print. Made from deadstock fabric, it’s lightweight and perfect for all seasons. Another noteworthy mention is the Reflector Bucket Hat, crafted from reflective fabric that glows with flash, making it an excellent choice for those looking to make a bold impression. You can follow Rising Among on Instagram here.